Every since I started blogging I have been obsessive with checking my traffic report for my blog every single day. The reason why I always check my blog statistic is to make sure that I am not losing out on my traffic or see where I can improve in getting more traffic. If I am getting traffic and it is rising, then all I have to do is keep on doing what I am doing to keep my traffic flowing.

I know you might be saying that checking on your traffic report everyday is too much, but I have my reasons.

Question: If you don’t check your blog stats regularly, how will you know that your blog is doing great or not?

In this post I will give you 4 reasons on why you should check your blog statistic.

Why Check Your Blog Stats

  • Know Your Traffic
  • I always check the list of countries that most of my traffic comes from so that I can launch out to other countries to make my blog more popular in a new country. Targeting people from other countries can be a challenging task but it will be worth it in the long run.

    To get people from other country to your site, you can purchase ads and target the county that you wish to see your ads.

  • Know Where They Come From
  • This is a really important point, know where your traffic is coming from. I like to make comment on other blogs that I come across if the article is good enough or helpful to me. After leaving a comment, there would be a link that I would also leave leading back to my blog. Visitors of that blog would click on my link and visit my blog as well and I would gain some traffic by blog commenting.

    If I check my report and notice, for example, that most of my traffic comes from http://blog.web6.org/ then no doubt I would be making more comment on that blog in order to get more traffic.

    So it is very important to know where your traffic is coming from.

  • Know Where They Are Going
  • Now that you know where your traffic is coming from, it’s time to know where they are going. If you are an affiliate marketer, you would like it if your visitors were clicking on your affiliate links and hope this will initially lead off into them making a purchase.

    But how can you make sure that they purchase from your affiliate links? Does this mean you are going to full your blog with affiliate links?

    You have to first know what they want in order for them to purchase from your affiliate links. After knowing what they want then you can direct them to your affiliate links which will lead off into a purchase.

  • Know If You Are Losing Or Gaining
  • As I said in the beginning of this article, you have to check on your traffic report to know whether you are losing traffic or getting traffic.

    If you are losing traffic then you need to make some adjustments to patch up that traffic leak. If you are gaining traffic to your blog then continue to do what you have been doing to get that traffic so that you don’t lose it.

    If your blog starts losing major traffic its hard to get it back and even harder to keep it.

    Group Discussion

  • How often do you check up on your blog report and are you pleased at what you see?

    1. Jane


      Hi Kharim,

      Simple but straightforward reasons to check blog stats. Stats are very important feedback to our progress. They tell us where we are doing good, what needs to be improved and what needs to be fixed.

      With so many plugins and free options available to check blog stats in great details, there should be no reason for someone not checking it. However, we should not be obsessed with the numbers. Checking once in a week or sometimes once in a fortnight are OK.


      • Reply

        Check our blog stats for me shows me where most of my traffic is coming from so that I can continue to get traffic from that source, and to also see where I need to make adjustments for more traffic 🙂

        Thanks for the comment Jane

    2. seo


      I am very impress by reading your article and really want to appreciate your work. Keep going it.

    3. Crawl Space Repair


      Thanks for the important things that you have shared with us. As many of the website owner’s that have more than one website’s ownership, used to avoid keeping a statistics of their traffic and this is something which makes them unaware about whats going on in their website and they are the victims of loosing some great amount of traffic too….

    4. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey


      I do check it every alternate days to keep a track about my blogs success.

    5. Paul


      I check my blog and websites stats daily sometimes up to 20 times per day. It is very important to know who, where and each visitor is coming, going and how long they visited. Once you have this information you can start to tweak and adjust your content, to reflect your visitors actions.

    6. John


      Very true points. I regularly find myself checking my stats to my blog. Of course I think that taking it to an obsession eats into the productivity of your blog itself. Every day is important for starting a blog and getting it off the ground as you’ll want to tweak your targeted traffic more. As your site matures weekly analysis is probably better as it will lead to less variation and be more representive of your traffic flow

    7. Tuan


      There’s nothing wrong with checking Google analytics everyday. It is maybe a good inspiration for you to continue your way. The traffic source section is the first thing I want to see as I always want to know where my traffic come from and improve the best sources of my blog.

      • Reply

        Well said Tuan. I just want to make sure that my traffic is always on a high and not losing the traffic. Once my blog traffic reaches a certain stage that I am comfortable with then I will stop checking it.

    8. Reply

      All excellent tips for pretty much knowing what’s going on. All though for me I think if it weren’t for my Sunday Smash I probably would never check stats.

    9. Thiru


      well written points. One should have to make a research on traffic to have it long lasting one.

    10. Reply

      I absolutely agree, checking the stats is very very important to see the runs up and down of our blog.

      Btw, in the country where i am at now, there is a law, keeping IPS of our visitors is againts the law :((((((((((((((

      It’s great to know that my visitors also come to your blog, Kharim 😀

      My question though, which stats tracking are you using? is it Google analytics?


    11. Richard


      Hi Karim.
      I’m totally addicted to checking my blog stats for the very reasons you point out on your post. I use both google analytics and a real time tracking service. It helps me to see where the marjority of my visitors are coming from and adjust as needed.

    12. Murlu


      I’m actually trying to make a push NOT to check my stats (at least not often) – I understand that it can help push you in the right direction but it can have negative effects because when you see dips in traffic you often get bummed out and lose motivation to write another blog post – just gonna keep on chugging on and try to only check stats maybe on Sunday’s.

    13. Reply

      There’s no doubt that keeping an eye on your traffic levels (and all the other statistics as well) is very important. And still I believe that one should not get obsessed with those stats, since it can have a negative effect. For example checking every hour whether your visitors count has increased can be quite discouraging, as the chances are that there won’t be any difference. Seeing the global picture is what matters. Keeping an eye on your monthly stats and comparing them with previous months can give far more real picture.

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