I have written about 2 great social media sites that you can get traffic from to boost your blog, Digg and StumbleUpon, and now I am going to give you some more tips on getting social media traffic with Delicious.

Delicious is a very great social bookmarking site with lots of traffic. This site has an Alexa rank of 255 (the current rank while writing this post) and has a page rank of 7/10, which is fair enough.

Wouldn’t you like to be getting some traffic from this high trafficked social bookmarking site?

Here are some tips in getting traffic to your blog from Delicious.

5 Tips For Using Delicious

  • Write Great Titles
  • When you submit a piece of content to del.icio.us, take the time to write a great title for it. Many del.icio.us users will see your submission and decide whether or not they want to click on that bookmark to read the original content or bookmark it themselves based solely on the title you give it.

  • Add a Great Description
  • Don’t stop at writing a great title. When you submit a piece of content, take the time to write a description that will entice del.icio.us users to click-through to read the original content or bookmark it themselves. Make your submissions too interesting to pass by with great descriptions.

  • Use Relevant Tags
  • If you want other del.icio.us users to find the content you submit, make sure you tag your bookmarks intuitively. Think of what tags other users would search for to find content like what you’re bookmarking, then use those tags in your bookmark submission. The content you submit doesn’t have a chance to generate any interest and traffic if no one can find it.

  • Ask for Bookmarks
  • When you write a great blog post, ask your readers to bookmark it. Send an email or Twitter your friends and ask them to bookmark it, too. Install the del.icio.us Tagometer which will show your readers how many people have bookmarked your posts. When people see that others are bookmarking a post, they’ll often join in and bookmark it, too.

  • Make Friends
  • Build a network of friends on del.icio.us. Follow other users, bookmark their content, and develop relationships with them. A strong group of del.icio.us friends can have a powerful influence in terms of drawing attention to bookmark submissions.


    1. Reply

      Still i cant figure out what is delicious?? People say bookmark your blog with such website from ranking… Little confuse..

    2. lutfar


      Hello, great article , i am a newbie blogger and this post helps me a lot !

    3. Gautam


      Deleicious… I heard it many Times But Didn’t Thought To Use It… but i think to use it know… going to sign up and will share my experience with you too.

    4. Rabindra Lamsal


      I read “How to drive traffic in your blog via StumbleUpon” in your blog, just now. And followed those steps. But I have never tried delicious. But now I will give it a try. Just due to your this post. Let’s see what happens.

    5. Nab


      I think it’s great of you to mention that Delicious is great for blog traffic, and not link building.

      I’ve seen thousands, if not millions of people submitting links thinking the search engines will pick them up and give them some kind of boost.

      That is not the case. The links from delicious are all nofollow, which makes a link pretty useless in terms of SEO. But if you’re going for the traffic, just like you’re suggesting in this post, then it is totally an awesome approach!

      I actually think I will try it out myself sometime in the near future.

      • Andreas


        Totally agree with this guy. Building backlinks via Delicious is not a good way to go as they’re nofollow and won’t help you in terms of SEO.

        But getting traffic via Delicious is rather easy if you’ve got a large network of contacts willing to help you out.


    6. Brankica


      I had no idea you can use Delicious like this. I never understood how it really works. I sure hope I will be able to get some of that traffic now that I know how to get the most out of it.
      Thanks, Kharim.

    7. Reply

      I used social auto posted to automatically submit my articles to delicious but I have yet to see a significant traffic from it, as most social bookmarking sites it is your engagement with the community that counts and I find it very hard to do since I’m doing a full time job and blogging part time

    8. Music Diva


      I seriously need to increase my pagerank.. Are you saying that this will help?

      Meanwhile, I’m hopping over to your article ‘How To Increase Your Page Rank’.. I’ve had my Austin Music site for almost a year and my pagerank is ZERO! 🙁

    9. John


      Hello there! Great post. I haven’t actually thought much about using Delicious maybe I’ll give this a try. I’ve had great success with Stumbleupon and some success with Twitter and Facebook.

      I just wonder is there a time when focusing too much on social sites gets in the way of expanding to organic traffic or can you do both at the same time?

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment John. I have had great success with twitter, facebook, and especially with stumbleupon. Those 3 social sites gives great traffic to my blog.

        I don’t think you should leave out social media sites when you are blogging. You should always focus on social sites and also organic traffic. You should be equal in both and spend time on getting traffic from both sources. Time should also be spent on SEO so that you will get traffic from search engines.

    10. Samuel


      Awesome post kharim! I agree with all your points. I’ve been on delicious for a while now and am getting cool traffic from them. Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

    11. Thiru


      Really wonderful write up, I am using delicious for a long days, but still i could not able to get that much traffic from it. Hope your tips will help me out from this issue.

    12. Reply

      Hey Kharim,

      It was quite some time ago when I added some of my blog posts to delicious and overall the idea isn’t bad. Unfortunately even though I was trying to comply with your tips (great title, great description, etc.), I wasn’t really able to drive any traffic at all. Some people might be getting tons of traffic, but I don’t believe that small sites have much chance into getting good traffic out of the social bookmarking sites.

    13. Julianne


      Hi Kharim,
      I am new to your blog and really like your post about delicious. I write a lot of articles and I never thought of using delicious to promote them. Delicious here I come.
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    14. Richard


      Thanks for the tips. I haven’t really been maximizing my use of delicious, as I have been focusing more n stumbleupon, twitter and facebook. But I really should as social bookmarking sites can really help bring in traffic.

    15. Andrew


      I bookmark on Delicious but I never really realized that we can get great traffic from it like from digg and stumbleupon. Thanks for sharing about it. I will try using these tips you suggested.

    16. Mike


      Nice tips, Kharim. Besides that, Diigo is also another noteable online bookmarking site. I have been using Diigo for half years now and definitely love the service. You should check it out 🙂

      Have a nice day!

    17. Reply

      Hey Thanks for the tips, other tips from SU, Digg, i haven’t applied all, but some i did.

      I don’t use delicious as much as Digg though.

      Will look into it definitely, thanks!

      Ps. you may want to fix your “stop” thingy under your post =P

    18. Ryan Biddulph


      Excellent tips Kharim. Wrting a compelling title and adding a fitting description to your Delicious posts results in more clicks. I’ve been lazy in these practices recently; thanks for giving me a wake-up call!


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