I have been using StumbleUpon regularly since the other day and I must say that I am getting a great deal of traffic from that great social networking site.

StumbleUpon is a great tool to drive blog traffic, but there are rules to follow to actually get positive results. The same goes for Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites but today I will be focusing some attention on StumbleUpon today (actually this is my first time blogging about StumbleUpon.com).

I have a few strategies and tips to share with you on how I doubled my blog’s traffic using StumbleUpon.com, please check these tips out below.

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

<li><strong>Don't Stumble Your Own Content</strong></li>

It’s an unwritten rule of StumbleUpon that you should avoid stumbling your own content. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can never submit your own content, but it’s always better if someone else submits your content first. If you only stumble your own content, then other users won’t feel you add any value to the StumbleUpon community aside from self-promotion.

<li><strong>Stumble a Variety of Content</strong></li>

Take the time to stumble content from a variety of blogs and websites as well as a mixture of articles, photos and videos. Only stumble the very best content that you truly want to share with other StumbleUpon users. Avoid stumbling content that doesn’t add value to other StumbleUpon users.

<li><strong>Use Great Titles and Descriptions</strong></li>

When you stumble content, take the time to write a great title and description for that content to entice other users to click-through and view your submission. Vague titles and descriptions are not helpful to other users.

<li><strong>Make Friends</strong></li>

Take some time to get to know other members of the StumbleUpon community and befriend them. Your StumbleUpon presence will grow as you network with more users. Don’t just add a friend then forget about them. The power of StumbleUpon grows the more you network.

<li><strong>Use One Account and One Identity</strong></li>

Don’t try to fool the StumbleUpon community by creating multiple accounts or stumbling only your friends’ content and vice versa. Chances are you’ll get caught, which could lead to your content getting buried or you getting banned from StumbleUpon temporarily or permanently. Follow the rules (even the unwritten rules).

<li><strong>Stumble On Sundays</strong></li>

I know this seems kind of funny to you, but I only stumble my contents on Sundays (in the afternoon at about 1:00 pm GMT). Whenever I stumble my contents during the weekdays I notice that I don’t get much traffic as I do when I stumble my articles on a Sunday afternoon.

This works best for me. I think you should try it as well.

3 Additional Tips

1. I have an iPod Touch and I recently downloaded the StumbleUpon app from the App Store for free. I use my iPod touch regularly not just to listen music or watch videos, but also to write blog posts and to help improve my blogging. I got the StumbleUpon so that I can stumble other sites and this is great on my part because I get back the traffic when my contents get stumbled. If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or the new iPad, I suggest you download the StumbleUpon for free from the App Store.

2. I also use Google Chrome as my default browser and I must say that I really love this browser, thanks Google. I have installed the StumbleUpon extension so this makes it easier for me to stumble sites that I come across. If you are a Google Chrome user like me, then the StumbleUpon extension is a must have for you. Download it here.

3. Don’t stumble your content as soon as you publish them. I have tried this a number of times on my blog articles and I must say that this has not worked for me. If you publish a post, I would say wait for about 3 days to past to stumble that blog article.

Group Discussion…

<li><strong>Are you using StumbleUpon to drive maximum traffic to your blog?</strong></li>


  1. Reply

    Thanks for this awesome article!
    There are so many tools out there to promote your blog that I think StumbleUpon is often overlooked. I especially appreciate the advice to submit it on the weekend. I never thought of trying that before.

    • Reply

      Hello again Stacey,

      I have used StumbleUpon to drive massive amount of traffic to this blog and it has been working really great for me.

      You should try it out as well.

  2. Rajib Kumar


    “Stumble On Sundays” i really like this point. Before, i never tried this. But i will follow your tips from today. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vic


    These are useful tips. I’ve been a stumbler for more than years now, and I can say that the site rally helps me in boosting my traffic. The best thing to do to attract stumblers is simply to create a very interesting article. That’s what SU is all about discovering interesting contents.

  4. Rowan


    I love StumbleUpon, it has gotten me hundreds of thousands of views to my own content, and other people’s sites. I’ll have to try the Sunday submitting.

  5. Reply

    Good post. Helps explain why sending stumbleupon traffic to my blog is a hit or miss affair. I add my own blog occasionally but most of the time, I stumble because I am bored and need inspiration.

    FYI – I typically only “like” sites that others would benefit from visiting. Feels like the right thing to do…

  6. Reply

    SU is great because it allows users to surf the internet randomly, find great sites, videos and photos without any difficulties. It drives huge numbers of new visitors to your website so definitely readers book mark the site. I didn’t know what SU was but now? its a great experience.

  7. Abhishek


    Nice article Kharim!! I also view the change in traffic by Stumbleupon…I really appreciate your work keep your good work coming….

  8. Jamie Northrup


    I had never heard of the Sunday thing before, I think I’ll give it a try over the next few weeks and see how it works out, thanks for sharing.

  9. take the blame


    very useful artcle, thanks for the advice, I need to stop self promoting and be more active.

  10. Reply

    Thanks for this great information, although I don’t use it regularly Stumbleupon is few social bookmarking sites I use. I do love your additional tips too, didn’t know Chrome even had a stumbleupon extension. however I do have doubts about stumbling variety of content. If you stick to a specific topic you might get more authority and more specific followers

  11. Reply

    Wow.. sincerely I never concern about these tips! I love the chance to make more friends and the new thing for me is your tips on stumble on Sundays!

    Thanks Kharem for sharing! πŸ˜€

  12. Reply

    I agree kharim, Stumble upon is the great site to get traffic. But some time in my stumble profile links got 150 views where Google analytic shows only 50 views. I am little bit confused about both ? which one is right ?

  13. Biodun


    Nice post really, I don’t pursue Stumble traffic as much as I should, this is a nice challenge for me. Then i believe Reviews works greatly, its helps push more traffic to a blog, reviews tell the stumbler what they are in for before they go to your blog.
    The more reviews the better!

  14. Joe Boyle


    StumbleUpon has actually said that it values people who have more stumbles (likes + dislikes) than those who don’t.

    I currently have just a bit over 3,000 (yes, 3k) Stubmles, so when I share my content, it gets a lot more value. Instead of it being sent to 2 people, it gets sent to 20. Of course, it took me a few hours of work, but it was all worth it when I realized I could pretty much get away with bloody murder and still have StumbleUpon love me.

    • Reply

      That’s great Joe πŸ™‚ I been experimenting with StumbleUpon a bit and I think I am now understanding it really great, so that’s why I am able to suck more traffic

  15. Dan Lew


    I have never been good with Stumbleupon, I guess this is a bit of a wake up call, thanks for sharing these tips!

  16. Thomas


    Great article, Kharim! Some good insight, I’ve noticed the weekend Stumbles being a tad more effective myself.

    One thing though – I do think stumbling your own content is a perk of the service, BUT, if you’re obviously spamming…like you said, it’s transparent and people won’t follow you.

  17. Mike


    “Don’t stumble your own content”, does that mean we have to vote & like other people’s news or do we have to submit other posts to Stumble Upon, Kharim?

  18. Reply

    Haven’t used StumbledUpon much, i had registered myself there though, usually my visitors stumbled upon mine, and i even did not do it.

    I guess you are probably right, that SU can bring decent traffic, i will try sometimes.

  19. Suresh Khanal


    The post is great enlightening. I was addicted to StumbleUpon some time ago with my different ID. It was great experience and quite returning too! Later, SU changed the way how you can share posts, I found it harder and better found Facebook. So I started to be active in Facebook and Twitter. SU takes too much time, though it is interesting, and at the same time consuming a lot of time in stumble upon, there is few left for other tasks.

    Thanks for some amusing and surprising secrets too! Could you please explain a bit why not to submit a post immediately after it is published?

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Suresh. It’s because each time I stumble a new post it never gets the amount of traffic that an older post gets. I try a number of times and it doesn’t work

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