You can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Now is this statement true or false? In my opinion I would say “it depends” and I would love it if you agree with me on this one.

For Example: If you tell yourself that you can fly, without wings that is, then you would conclude that this would be highly impossible. And if you say that you can become one of the best bloggers if you put your mind to it, then you would say that it can happen. Now do you agree with me that the answer to the question is “it depends” on what you put your mind to then you can achieve it.

In this post I am going to show you how to make blogging work for you if you really put your mind to it and also put in the extra work.

How To Make Blogging Work For You

In one of my earlier post I asked the question, Is Blogging Really Hard? and I gave some really pointers as to why people say that blogging is hard, when it truly isn’t hard.

In order to make blogging work for you, I have 5 great tips to give to you if you have a bit of difficulty blogging:

  • Develop Passion
  • Blogging or any other activity that you want to work well for you, then you have to develop a passion for it. Without the love for blogging then you will certainly fail at it.

    How can you develop the passion for blogging? Well this is pretty simple. I didn’t consider myself as a blogger while coming into the webmaster world because I always loved the website design, php coding and other stuff like that. I developed the love for blogging after I started reading other blogs, reading the success stories that were published on them because they were successful at what they were doing. After that, I started to develop the real passion for blogging and I am really happy that I started this blog.

  • Become A Writer
  • Turning yourself into a writer is a very easy task. This is basically talking but you are putting it into words instead of verbally speaking it.

  • Publish Regularly
  • After you have started blogging then you must publish/ write blog post regularly in order to make this blogging work for you. This also depends on how often you publish as well. If you are a new blogger, I would suggest that you publish and advertise very regularly so you will have a great start coming into the blogosphere.

  • Consider Guest Blogging
  • Guest blogging is a great way to make blogging the best for you, so you should consider doing guest post every now and then.

    If you make one post on your blog today, then tomorrow you do a guest post to pull in traffic so that you can sort of promote your blog and blog post as well.

  • Blog Commenting
  • In order to get lots of comments on your blog, then you have to do some commenting on other blogs. It is like a cycle, like trading comments. Blog commenting also opens the door for traffic and great exposure to other bloggers.

    I encourage you to read my article, Blog Commenting: What It Has Done For Me.

  • Blog As A Hobby
  • If you think of blogging as working, that’s if you decide to take it up as an occupation, then you will encounter problems.

    If you think of blogging as doing house chores, then you will also encounter problems while blogging.

    You have to think of blogging as fun. As for me, I like playing games because I enjoy playing games. I think of blogging as playing a worded game where I help people like you to become a better blogger.

    Group Discussion…

  • What have you done to make blogging work for you?

    1. Tushar Thakur


      Hi Kharim,

      Well when any one creates a blog, their aim will be only to make the blog work for them. For example most of bloggers create blog to earn money and also learn some stuff. So if their aim didn’t get successful then their no reason for working on blog.

      And no lets take example of a business owner, who make a website for promoting a product as internet marketing or anything else.. so he works hard to get success on the task.

      So my main intention regarding the above examples is we should focus on making blog success by following the necessary guidelines or rules. However you’ve mentioned all the necessary tip for making blog successful.


      • Reply

        Hey Tushar,

        I agree with your comment pal. Sometimes bloggers get side tracked when they think too much about making the money.

        One needs to be careful and remember the real reason for blogging. Doing this will help them to be more successful and then they will make the money when the right time comes.

        Thanks for the comment pal.

    2. Laura Craciun


      Hi Kharim,
      Great tips about blogging!
      “You can do anything once you put your mind to it.” – I totally agree with this!
      Thanks for sharing!

    3. Biodun


      To have a successful blog, you should blog about your passion. If you write about something you don’t care much about, you’re forcing it, while Passion infuses your writing with excitement.

      Useful tips..

    4. Peter J


      I agree on the blogging as a hobby. People often focus on the making money part and nothing else – they will certainly experience their downfall if that’s all they do.

    5. Reply

      If you are not passionate about blogging, then all the other tips will pretty much prove worthless. I would advice those that are there just for the money making potential to stop wasting their time. You can’t make money if you don’t believe in what you are doing. Great article Kharim!

    6. Reply

      Hi Kharim,
      Thanks a lot for the great post but I’m a newbie at blogging and I have a small question,
      I do like to write and I do have a passion to continue writing and posting articles, but my question is, if someone just started a blog, and its pretty much empty right now, how can he apply those methods to attract people, because I don’t think at this stage Guest Blogging for example would actually work since no other site would want to guest post in a newly made blog.
      So what I’m asking is, at this stage, when you got nothing but just a few articles posted in your new blog with 0 comments and 0 traffic, whats the best way to get any traffic at all?

      Thanks for sharing and have a great day πŸ™‚

      • Reply

        One thing you can do since you have a passion for writing is to guest post on other blogs. If the content is good readers will click through to your site to see what else you got πŸ˜‰

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Sayed. To get a great start on a new blog is alot of hard work to make gain exposure and fir others to make comment. First of all you need to write articles that will help your readers. You have to be creative and unique.

        To get traffic you have to make comments on other blogs in your niche, forum submission, buy ads (optional), submit to bookmarking sites, use social media, set up rss feed, seo your articles, guest post… etc.

        When I said guest post, I don’t mean bloggers guest post on your blog, I mean you make guest post on other blogs, because nobody wants to write for a new blog.

    7. Joe Boyle


      One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is that I’m a writer. I’m in love with writing above anything else, so blogging just because a natural passion.

      Once the love for writing goes, for not just me, but for anyone, you’re screwed. You can’t force writing. What happens when you force writing is obvious – it looks like crap. And no one like crap, now do they?

    8. Reply

      Well said kharim, Obviously I will say “It depends” for your question. But being a good blogger will be easy, if we put our mind in it. You stated good things on Guest blogging. I invite you to write guest blog on my blog Kharim.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Thiru. Guest blogging is something that I think everjy blogger should be doing especially the new bloggers in order to get some exposure.

        I will check your blog out and let you know.

    9. Reply

      Great stuff!

      I agree with everything, eventhough building passion goes up and down depends on the mood lol..

      But i am glad i am addicted to my blog in a positive way,

      Bring it on more Kharim! πŸ˜‰

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Kimi. The way I build my passion is read success stories, visit other blogs and I get enthused by what I see there and try to accomplish what they have accomplished as well.

    10. Reply

      You definitely have to be willing to write and once your first guest posting gets published you will feel a real sense of accomplishment as I was greatly pleased with the response I got from my guest post at FamousBloggers πŸ™‚

    11. Nasif Razzaque


      I used to read many blogs everyday… After one years of readership I started blogging at the end of 2009. Reading blogs for one year before started blogging developed my passion for it.

      • Reply

        Thats nice Nasif. I read success stories and other blogs as well and started blogging March 10, 2010 and we are now in October and I have really achieved alot in the 7 months of blogging.

    12. Ryan Biddulph


      Hi Kharim,

      Your tips resonate with me, especially having a passion for blogging and looking at it as fun. I had a similar experience with passion as I was inspired by fellow bloggers’ stories to succeed. If they could do it, why couldn’t I?

      Thanks for sharing your insight and have a wonderful day!


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