Twitter is filled with millions of people worldwide and if you are one of these people then you need to show some politeness in order to have a good relationship with your followers and who you follow.

In today’s world you need to be polite in all manner of aspect that you can. The same goes for you even if you are a bloggers, yes or no these tips can help you out greatly if you are a user on Twitter.

Let’s dig further into this topic about how you can be polite when using twitter.

How To Be Polite On Twitter

  • Don’t Just Talk About Yourself
  • Twitter is a great place for self-promotion, but too much self promotion is not a good thing. Your tweets need to include a good mix of self promotion, conversation, information sharing, etc. Otherwise, people will think you don’t care about them or building relationships. Your Twitter stream will look like nothing more than a list of links and ads.

  • Don’t Tweet Too Much
  • There is such a thing as over-tweeting. Make your Twitter updates interesting and useful. Sure, you might want to post mundane aspects of your life on occasion, but no one needs to know that you’re on your way to the bathroom, etc.

    I had recently installed a plugin that made my ALL my blog post retweeted. I can say this was pretty annoying for me.

  • Help Promote Other People
  • A great way to build relationships and ensure your Twitter stream isn’t just about you is to promote other people, too. Share links to articles and blog posts you enjoy. Retweet interesting updates. Join conversations and answer questions. Twitter success is rooted in conversations and relationships.

    Just as you would like others to retweet your links, they would like you to retweet their links as well.

  • Keep Personal Conversations Private
  • While it’s certainly okay to post personal tweets and @replies on Twitter, remember that anyone and everyone can see your tweets (whether they’re following you or not). With that in mind, use your best judgment and keep very private information private by sending a direct message or communicating outside of Twitter entirely.

  • Watch Your Language
  • Remember, anyone can see your tweets. Don’t forget the manners your mother taught you. They apply on Twitter, too. So you would want to keep these types of conversations out of your Twitter stream.

    Group Discussion

  • What other ways can you show some politeness on twitter?

    1. Anne M


      I guess the first rule doesn’t even need to be stated, but still – Thou Shalt Not Spam 😉

    2. Reply

      Simple rule for Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. Never write what you would never say to a person’s face. You’ll regret it later more than you can imagine. It’s called the art of conversation.

    3. Reply

      Useful tips Kharim!

      I was seldom using twitter, because i really had no time, but i start to be active again there,

      I have to learn about “tweeting other people’s post too, and i will:)


    4. Andrew


      Great Tips! Some people really lose control and they forget that it’s a public place. They fight, they post personal things, etc. So, this is a timely post so that at least we can learn to act when on online social networking place such as twitter.

    5. Reply

      Hi Kharim

      Really Great write up and Especially the over promotion tweet point. It will make our followers to do unfollow.

    6. Ryan Biddulph


      I like these tips Kharim.

      I aim to improve in the conversation area. One practice to improve your engagement is to ask questions. As you noted don’t just talk about yourself.

      Thanks for sharing your insight.


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