Guest blogging is now slowly taking over the blogosphere and if you have not done it as yet, the I want to know what are you waiting on? If you haven’t done your first guest post as yet, then I will help you out a bit by giving you 5 awesome tips on how to become a great guest blogger.

Guest blogging is pretty simple. All you have to do is write, write just as you would write for your own blog and put out the best.

Please check out the 5 tips that I have provided for you in this post to help you become a great guest blogger…

5 Great Tips For Guest Bloggers

  • Read the Blog Where You Want to Submit a Guest Post
  • If you want to have any chance at convincing another blogger to publish your guest post on his or her blog, then it’s absolutely imperative that you take some time to get to know the other blogger, the content of his or her blog and the audience for that blog. Take some time to read through the blog’s current content and archives. Read through the comments and get a feel for what content is acceptable and popular on that blog. Then submit a guest post idea that is relevant and fills a gap in the existing content.

  • Show You Know Something About Blogging
  • Tell the other blogger how you’ll deliver your guest post. For example, if you send your guest post in a Word document, then the blogger has to take extra steps to copy and paste it into his or her blogging software to remove extra HTML code that Word automatically embeds. Make sure the other blogger understands that you will make it very easy for him or her to publish your guest post. Also, ensure the other blogger knows that you will provide content that is unique to his or her blog and that all images and content you provide will be yours or properly cited to avoid copyright problems.

  • Don’t Focus On The Money
  • Guest blogging is a great way to earn some money, and many blogs actually pays their guest bloggers. Considering that, it can be tempting to ask for money in exchange of a guest post. The problem is just that if you’re a beginner, you have to show what you can do before you can blog for money.
    Today, I’ll not blog for free. But in the past, I have worked hard for 0 dollars, but to show what I can do and why my writing deserved to be paid. And it worked.

  • Provide Your Best Content
  • When it comes time to actually write your guest post, make sure the content you provide to the other blogger is your absolute best. Provide your guest post on time, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and in the agreed upon format to increase your chances of being asked to return as a guest blogger. Also, don’t overload your post with links to your own blogs or websites and other online activities. Instead, include a short bio (a few sentences) with one or two key links to a page or website that provides access to any other links you want to share. If your guest post looks like spam because it’s covered in links to your own content, then it’s unlikely you’ll be asked to return as a guest blogger.

  • Promote Your Guest Post
  • Once your guest post goes live, be sure to promote it and drive traffic to it. If the other blogger sees a boost in valid traffic to your guest post with new visitors leaving comments and joining the conversation, it’s likely you’ll be asked to write another guest post in the future. Don’t just spam the post with comments from yourself (even if you use multiple usernames), your friends and family though. Top bloggers will know it if you do, and you won’t be asked to return.

    Group Discussion…

  • What other tips do you have to give to those new guest bloggers?

    1. Sai Kumar


      Hi Kharim, Guest Blogging is the main way to get good traffic and build a strong relationship with fellow bloggers. Really Explained 5 great tips of Guest Blogging. Thanks for this great tips bro.

    2. Reply

      Hi Kharim,

      Really guest blogging is very powerfull method for bloggers who wants traffic, backlinks and readers. Do guest blogging as much as you can.

      Thanks for sharing nice post.

      • Reply

        You have mentioned a great tip about doing guest blogging as much as you can.

        If you do one guest post then you may see some improvement in your traffic. But if you do continuous guest blogging then this will help to skyrocket your blog.

        Thanks for the comment, Ajnabii.

    3. Reply

      I agree that when it comes to submitting a guest post, you really need to make sure that it is top-notch. After all the main reason behind guest blogging is expanding your audience and you just can’t expect achieving this by providing mediocre stuff. Nice tips Kharim, keep it up!

    4. Reply

      Guest blogging really works in terms of generating targeted traffic directly from the source where the guest post is published as well as from search engine results.

    5. Reply

      Whoaaaa, complete and great list of Guest blogging guide Kharim!

      I really love the “we should show that we know about blogging” point. That’s awesome point to those who are interested and want to jump into “Guest blogging”


      • Reply

        That is a really strong point Kimi. We have to show that we know about blogging before we actually think about guest posting. Thanks for the comment hun πŸ™‚

        • Reply

          True, because to be a guest blogger is like being representative of the blog itself.

          My pleasure, i checked your blog regularly, especially your site is now running fast.

          I notice you removed your wibya toolbar? or i can’t see? LOL

    6. Andrew


      Guest blogging is great in many ways. It introduces you to a new audience as well as it’s also a chance to develop a good relationship with your fellow bloggers. It is also good to start contributing valuable comments to the site you want to guest post in. It’s a great way to start introducing yourself. Once you;e established something and maybe make the owner of the blog notice you in your comments, then build on that and try asking if you can guest post.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Andrew. You are really right on the points that you have mentioned in your comment. Guess blogging is a really great thing in many many ways. πŸ™‚

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