The more incoming links to your blog from other Web sites and blogs, the higher your blog is likely to rank in keyword searches related to your blog’s topic. That’s because search engines like Google use proprietary algorithms to calculate search rankings.

While no one truly knows how those algorithms work, it’s commonly believed that incoming links weigh heavily in ranking Web pages.

The reason is simple: if content is good, lots of blogs and Web sites will want to link to it and share it with their own audiences. Here I have some tips listed below to boost incoming links and traffic to your blog.

Tips To Increase Your Blog Linking

  • Leave comments on other blogs.
  • The best way to get on the radar screens of other bloggers who could be interested in your content is to leave comments on their blogs. Don’t just self promote your own content though. Be sure to become a welcome member of their communities by continually adding value to the conversations happening on their blogs. Write thought-provoking comments and link to your own related content on occasion to share your opinions. Not only will the blogger notice you in time, but so will the audience who reads that blog. The more people who know about you and find your content, the more chances there are that someone will like your content enough to link to it in order to share it with their own audiences.

  • Promote content through social bookmarking.
  • Don’t submit every blog post that you write to social bookmarking sites. Doing so is frowned upon among the social Web community. Be sure to submit content from other blogs and Web sites as well as your own, and only submit your best content. Leave comments on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon when you find interesting content that others have already submitted. Doing so helps you to build a following on those social bookmarking sites who will be likely to help promote your content with you as your relationships grow.

  • Link to your best content from your social networking and Twitter profiles.
  • A Twitter stream or Facebook wall filled with nothing of value other than a bunch of self-promotional links isn’t going to help you build incoming links to your blog. Instead, be personable and focus on building relationships through your social networking and microblogging efforts. Include links to your best content on occasion, and your followers will welcome it rather than be annoyed by it.

  • Write for multiple sites and blogs and interlink them.
  • Write for other blogs, blog networks, article sites, online publications, and more to further promote yourself online. Include links within your content to your blog as appropriate, particularly within your biography on each site.

  • Email bloggers and news organizations to share your best content.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to popular bloggers and news organizations in an attempt to promote your best content. The worst that can happen is that they say no. A great way to encourage a ‘yes’ answer from other bloggers is to offer to write a guest blog post for them.

    Group Discussion…

  • How do you increase your traffic or links coming into your blog?

    1. Reply

      Some good tips mentioned here. i know all of them reading my comment will agree, Blogging is not an easy task to do. As in blogging you have to work a lot to get success. You even have to notice many minor things. Well the points you mentioned about how to increase incoming links are really good and true. One can earn many back links by coenting and Guest posting whcih is very important and is needed to build a better Alexa. Well thank you for these articles. I read many articles tonight in your blog and really enjoyed them reading. Nice blog Kharim, keep it up.

      • Reply

        I agree with you. Blogging can be quite a challenge and it takes great effort to be successful. Thanks for the comment

    2. Reply

      One thing to add on writing for other sites, or guest posting, is to try and make sure you’re guest posting within your niche. It doesn’t hurt to get your name out there, but to make best use of your efforts, you want to target key websites.

    3. Delena Silverfox


      Again, this is great advice! The fourth tip, writing for other sites and blogs and networking it all around your blog, is overwhelming! But as I sit and think about it, I could write several small articles centered around one specific theme, post for these sites, and have them all point back to my blog, which could have a larger post about that same theme. It seems kind of overwhelming in the beginning, like a really large project, but if it’s only a once-in-a-while thing, it could be really great!

      Awesome! I’m going to start planning right now! =)
      Again, thanks so much!

      • Reply

        Thanks again for the comment Delena. Incoming links are really important for our blog and if you fail to get links coming back to your blog then your blog will be less successful

    4. Nabil


      This one may seem a bit obvious. But I’ve increased my incombing links to the blog by just writing good content. It’s really as easy as that.


      • Reply

        That’s true. If your visitors know that you have great contents on your blog then they will want to read other articles and then it will result in page views increase 🙂

    5. Anne from Loft Conversion London


      I use to bookmark my site and comment in other blogs to boost my site content.

    6. Reply

      Excellent tips and I think this might serve as my first comment and full article read here as well. Hopefully the return on commenting and connecting with others becomes more of a level playing field, it seems at times plenty preach it but most fail miserably at doing it.

    7. Freeman


      thanks for your tips. I have been experiencing a wonderful traffic increase following your advices and lisa’s advice

    8. Roca


      Hi Kharim,

      Really amazing tips. It really works well in conversion. Thanks for sharing this valuable tips. I must say this is the kind of tips that newbie must be aware of.

    9. Peter J


      I’ve found the best is through guest posting, if you only just comment then you are more likely to have your links go through as no-follow.
      Great post 😀

    10. Patricia


      By interacting with other bloggers thru Twitter and also commenting on other blogs; I am increasing traffic to my site. Many readers of the comments then click and visit my site. Also I find the bloggers I am meeting to be very supportive and encourage me with my blogging venture. Many of the experienced bloggers have done incoming links to my site which I think is very generous of them. Great post with lots of helpful advice this newbie is appreciative of.
      Patricia Perth Australia

    11. 113Tidbits


      Nice layout for the site. Where did you get the “Stay connected” box? Or is it a new plugin?

    12. Tips For Blog


      Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends.

    13. Reply

      I did all the above yet still get puny traffic .. noone loves me 🙁
      Most of my main keywords are in top 5 of my regional google too

      • Reply

        You have to make comments on every blog that you go and do forum submission and all the other stuff like using social medias to get free traffic. If that doesn’t work drastically for you, why not buy ads?

    14. Alex


      Hey Kharim!

      Great post mate! I like that you basically talked about all the important factors involved with building relationships in the blogosphere to link building, because you are so right my friend. For all those relationships and connections, there is a valuable series of links that only serves to help your own blog over time.

      great tips you share here – and an awesome blog you have too my friend. First time visiting, but I should have done that a long time ago.
      Won;t be the last either 🙂

    15. Alison Moore Smith


      Sound advice, Kharim. And in spite of your advice to add value, that’s really all I wanted to say! Two thumbs up! 8)

    16. Dana


      The commenting is still the easiest way to build our blog incoming link. However, we should do high quality commenting to get optimum result.

    17. Suresh Khanal


      I’m doing all of them except offering guest posts. Let me still polish my writing styles first!

      I remarked your tips ‘Don’t submit your every post to social bookmarking’. Its a good suggestion. I’ll be following.

    18. element321


      Great article.

      I do all of these to get comments. It takes time. If you do not comment a lot or spend the time building traffic and hanging out in the right social networking communities, you may not get the comments and you probably wont get the traffic.

      I am starting to get more comments on my site. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. But I wen I check my traffic stats, I found that I get a lot of traffic to my site my site’s bounce rate is low and most of the readers stick around long enough to read several articles.

    19. Ryan Biddulph


      Hi Kharim,

      I like your tips, all powerful and actionable. I like your mention of continually adding value to the conversation.

      Blog commenting has helped me to increase the number of quality incoming links. I leave thoughtful comments and make sure to note a key point of each post, to tell the reader that Yes, I have read the entire article.

      Thanks for sharing your insight.

      Ryan Biddulph

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