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Do you find yourself fighting against time to complete your posts?

You are not alone. There are millions of other bloggers who are in same situation. But the fact that you are at same place does not make things better.

If you stay in this situation or long, you will not be able to be a successful blogger.

To be successful, you have to manage your time better and also save time. In this post, I will discuss 7 time-saving tips that will help you a lot.

7 Time Management Tips

  1. Automate
  2. You can save a lot of time by automating many tasks. A good example is sending thank you mails to commentators and replying to the contact form requests. You can automate your replies to commentators by using plugin for WordPress. And regarding replies to the contact form requests, it is best to have a separate time slot in your schedule for that. You can also use GMail’s canned responses to send a generic reply(like rejecting or accepting guest posts).

  3. Make Editorial Calender
  4. Do you think about one idea for a moment and then a second one the next moment and end up losing lot of time in the end without doing anything useful? Well, I have done this a lot. I was looking for great ideas that could help my readers. But for days, I could not write anything new, let alone preparing a draft. Finally, editorial calendar came to my rescue. Now, I simply plan for about a month in advance about the posts that need to be written and also the time slot needed. Apart from that, notes also help me keeping ideas checked.

  5. Track your Time
  6. Yep, time tracking can be boring at first, very boring! But it will reveal very surprising facts. For example, when I was unable to write something useful, one day I went out and bought Vertabase Timer, a time tracking app based on Adobe AIR. And after tracking time for 2 days, it was revealed that I was spending 75% of my computer time on Prince Of Persia!(I don’t blame the game however, it’s so addictive!) The point is that you learn a lot from time tracking. Just try a good free time tracking app and I am sure you will learn a lot. However, don’t expect a miracle in a day or week! I am still spending 46% time on Prince Of Persia but the good thing is that I am spending 40% on writing content too!

  7. Make A Priority List
  8. Some things are always more important than others. Let’s do a small exercise. Just organize following in the order of decreasing priority: commenting, moderating comments, analyzing traffic, writing content, checking earnings and replying to contact forms. I am sure writing content is the topmost priority for most of us. Just make a list, then follow it. Even if you have 1000 contact form requests lying in inbox and have one hour, you should focus on writing because that’s more important.

  9. Break Down Bigger Tasks
  10. Want to write a big list? Maybe “100 Tips On _______ Better”. Don’t expect yourself to write it all in one day. It will take more time. Best way to do this is to write in parts. For example, you can spread post over the week and write 20 tips per day. This will allow you to write the article without much fatigue. Further reading: Procrastinating to Write That Huge Article? Break It Down In Small Parts by Daniel Scocco.

  11. Utilize “Burst Moments”
  12. Burst Moment is a term that I have given to Ravages Of Time. Err, I guess I played too much Prince Of Persia! Anyway Ravages Of Time is a special attack in which Prince attacks the enemies at extremely fast rate. Similarly, burst moments are moments when you just write, write and write! Nothing comes to mind except blogging! I am sure you regularly have your burst moments. I usually stumble upon ideas this way and note them down on my laptop to make sure I do not miss great ideas. Try having a notebook or a laptop with you to capture ideas at these times and if possible, write full posts.

  13. Separate Writing And Editing
  14. You know, we bloggers have a strange habit to mix our editor and writer part. Haven’t you noticed before that you sat down to write a post but mixed editing with it mid way and ended with a half written, fully formatted post. Yep, formatting those bullet points, adding the images etc. are very important but doing these things in middle of writing is not a good thing!

Group Discussion…

  • As a blogger, how well are you managing your time when blogging?

    1. Kate Brown Wilson


      Time management is the most important part of our daily lives, this must be followed specially in work places. to spend time from work and family.

    2. Reply

      I am all for time saving methods. 🙂 Time, for me is the utmost importance that’s why I try to use it wisely because we can never get it back.

      I’m glad to see that that you have the “burst moments” on your list, it’s one of those zones where you are so focused that you don’t even notice anything that is going on around you. I love those moments, they are such a time saver. Also when I do get swamped with work, I find getting help from freelancing site a good alternative. But I only let them do the more simpler tasks but very time-consuming ones to save myself some time.

    3. Suresh Khanal


      As a blogger you are always busy in front of your monitor screen. Damn God! Why you made just 24 hours in a day – its not a bit sufficient.

      Since the time provided is always limited, there’s no way out, you must manage. Thanks for the good post that helps to manage time better.

      I found I’m suffering from “Do you think about one idea for a moment and then a second one the next moment and end up losing lot of time in the end without doing anything useful?” I’ll improve. thanks! 💡

    4. Mike


      lol, you play Prince of Persia? I love that game, man! And I also love the point about Burst moment you have. Great tip!

    5. Anne M


      Loved the “burst moments”! Quite creative and not something you often see on those lists. Thanks!

    6. Luqman


      Time management is very important in blogging, bloggers should learn how to manage there time effectively in other to be successful in the field. The point above can real help us to manage our time effectively.

    7. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey


      Ahh nice tips there. Its so very important to manage your time and task. It makes blogging more fun and enjoyable.

    8. Murlu


      I like it 🙂

      The automation part is really where you want to be as you expand your blog and business. Likewise, you need to set up these blueprints of highly optimized tasks so you can just batch process them one at a time without spreading them out over the course of the day.

      Time management? Yeah, everyone needs that 🙂 It’s hard to focus sometimes but having a schedule setup will really hone you in.

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