I recently blogged about StumbleUpon, 6 Tips To Get Maximum Traffic From StumbleUpon, so I thought that it would be fair enough to blog about Digg as well.

Digg is a social news site that can help drive traffic to your blog. However, Digg is the biggest social news site on the Internet controlled by a handful of top users. How can you get your blog posts noticed in the fast-paced world of Digg?

Follow these five tips on Digg to effectively use Digg and boost traffic to your blog’s traffic.

5 Tips To Drive Traffic With Digg

  • Digg the Original Source
  • Digg users are very particular about how the site is used. There are a variety of rules that Digg expects users to follow. One of the most important rules of Digg etiquette is to always submit the original source of a story. If you’re submitting a blog post or page that expounds on the original source of a story by adding new information or opinions, that’s okay, but make sure your submission adds value to the conversation or story. If it doesn’t, find the original source and submit that instead.

  • Don’t Digg Your Own Posts
  • Digg will penalize users who submit their own content too frequently. If you want your blog posts to have a chance at making it to the main page of Digg (and generating a lot of traffic to your blog), don’t be the first to submit your post. Ask a friend or colleague to submit it first.

  • Digg Several Articles at a Time
  • When you ask your friends to Digg your blog post, make sure they Digg more than just your post while they’re at it. Digg keeps tabs on people who just Digg a single item while they’re on the Digg website in order to penalize spammers (particularly those who are paid to Digg specific stories). Ask your friends to Digg your post as well as a few other stories of interest or on the main page of Digg at the same time.

  • Use a Good Title and Description in Your Diggs
  • When you Digg something, give it a good title and description. The title and description are what you’re using to convince other users to click on the submission, read the article and hopefully Digg it, too. Sell the article with a great title and description to increase your chances of getting more Diggs for it.

  • Be an Active Digg User
  • Digg users who are very active have a better chance of getting their Digg submissions noticed and attracting more Diggs to them from other users. Submit various posts (particularly breaking news items), add friends, comment, and add an avatar to your profile to make your Diggs stand out from other submissions in Digg’s list format. The more active you are, the more people will notice you and become interested in investigating your submissions, which will ultimately lead to more Digg opportunities for your own blog posts. More Diggs for your own blog posts equal more traffic to your blog.

    Group Discussion

  • Are you using Digg?
  • What’s your strategy for getting traffic from Digg?

    1. Reply

      I have been considering giving Digg a try but have been hesitant. Thanks for the tips. You really clarified some things for me. I guess I’ll go ahead and give Digg a shot.

    2. Azam


      Digg traffic is very useful if you want to promote your product but it is not too much useful when you work with Google Adsense.

    3. Smith


      yes I agree we can get fruit from the digg, only if we do regular activities.

    4. Khan


      I agree that digg is source of traffic for your site but the links from digg are no follow and no follow do not help in ranking.

    5. SEO Gold Coast


      Nice, simple, strait forward I like your style, I will try to do bit of guest blogging in your site in near future, Im currently flat out witth my job and setting up few things.


    6. Reply

      Hi Kharim. Seriously considering giving Digg another go. At the moment, got my content set up on automatic feed, do you recommend this or not?

      • Reply

        Hey Natalie, yes I think you should give it another try. The automatic feed is great but you must also digg other articles of interest that you come across.

    7. Reply

      I am going to admit, I have given up on Digg. Sorry but tried every way to get traffic and it just does not happen. Personally I think Digg only works for some niches and others it does not. On the other hand, to me Stumble Upon works.

      • Reply

        Digg will work if you try and give it your best. Why not follow some top people on Digg and ask people to Digg your posts. With StumbleUpon it works really great, and traffic is easy to get from it.

    8. Reply

      I recently joined a digg exchange in Facebook, although I’m a bit reluctant to try it out yet because exchanging diggs is against there TOS, these tips would come in handy though

    9. Thiru


      I am using digg since a year. But still there is no good traffic and hope your suggestions help me. Thanks.

    10. Reply

      Hey Kharim,

      There’s no doubt that Digg can be a great traffic source, as I know of many sites, getting significant percentage of their visitors from it. Unfortunately making it to work is not as easy as it sounds. Being active digging and commenting is without a doubt an important factor. However the process can be very time consuming. I tried to be very active first when I registered, but the motivation didn’t lasted long. Nowadays I digg only after reading an article, which I liked and of course if there’s the respective button on the blog itself. Still getting some interested visitors though.

      Great article mate! 🙂

      • Reply

        Yep that’s true, Daniel, it can be time consuming but this will help to build up your traffic by 50% or more if you have the time to spend. Don’t think of it as time wasted, but time spent wisely.

    11. Reply

      Hey Kharim,

      I always failed with Digg, i guess because i always digged my own posts LOL..

      And also, because i haven’t been an active real digg user.

      Thanks for the awesome tips above, a must try with Digg!

    12. Reply

      Nice site Kharim, just stumble your page today. Very informative articles, I will use the digger more now :). Have a great day … will be back more often.

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