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    Good Post Kharim,

    My computer is pretty fast (2.6 Core 2 Duo) so loading a browser is nothing to it and yet I still feel a difference in loading time between Chrome and Firefox. Chrome is definitely faster.

    I usually use Firefox because I’m used to the way it does the tabs and everything, however I use Chrome only for certain things such as checking my Gmail or logging into Adsense.

    I use Chrome to do stuff related to Google Account, while using Firefox for surfing the net.

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      That’s nice Sayed. I built my PC myself and I have a 3000+ AMD processor and it’s very fast. But using the Google Chrome browser makes it even faster browsing the net. So this is why I am recommending it to everybody 🙂

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Thiru


    Till now i am using Fire Fox, but it seems chrome has a lot of benefits. Decided to make try. Thanks.

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    Oh you change your footer =P

    I am also experimenting with adsense formats nowadays, every minutes changes LOL.

  4. Murlu


    I know this is going to sound silly but my favorite has just been the simple notebook plugin because I can quickly jot down an idea within my browser instead of on paper, in a extensive program or in a notepad file haha.

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    I love the simplicity of Chromed Bird, it’s quick and is always there ready to tweet, something that can be very useful 😉

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      Yeah I like the functions of the Chrome Bird as well. When using the Google Chrome browser, I can see whenever I get a new mention, DM or any other tweets.

      Thanks for the comment Karen 🙂

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    Awesome extensions that definitely will help Chrome Users.

    I use firefox, but i have chrome too lol.

    I notice chrome works much faster than firefox, so sometimes i use chromes.

    Thanks for sharing those great screenshots Kharim, it’s interesting!

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