A lot of bloggers are curious to know about auto blogging. Is it good or bad? Should one use it or not?  How does it play a role in terms as SEO? Will it affect my blog’s ranking? – Are the various questions running in our minds.

Well, there are pros and cons of using auto generated content. First you must learn a few things about it and how it functions. There are a number of points to keep in mind while using auto blogging.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while auto blogging:-

1. It creates duplicate content

Search engines take a many number of factors into consideration while ranking your blog. Auto blog systems create duplicate content, which can bring higher SEO ranking to it than your original content page. This can have a negative effect on your blog.  Moreover, it can lead to legal problems if you are not respecting other people’s copyrights.

2. Avoid misconceptions

Search Engines identify different sites holding the same information but these sites are not penalized just for holding this scrapped information. Many people think so, but I’d like to tell you that it’s a misconception.  Read more about this topic and get rid of misconceptions.

3. Avoid penalties

The main reason for receiving penalties from search engines is altogether another reason; and that is spamming.   There are many bloggers who want to make fast money on the net and use auto blogging for that reason. It is not possible to build a blog overnight with hundreds of posts. These type of activities are easily considered by search engines as spam.  So, keep in mind especially when using this automatic function, to maintain control and consistency.

4. Try creative commons

You can try and use creative commons for your blog. One such common is wikihow. You can use this freely as long as you give them the credit by posting a link and making a mention of the original source.

5. Use other people’s matter with permission

You can also use creative content written by others. It is important, however, to take permission from the other person who owns the content and also give him due credits.

To conclude, auto blogging is good unless you abuse it. You must make sure not to spam by posting numerous posts overnight and also make sure that you are not playing with somebody else’s copyright. Otherwise auto blogging is good, if used in the right way.


  1. Ganeshan Nadarajan


    You must make sure not to spam by posting numerous posts overnight and also make sure that you are not playing with somebody else’s copyright.

  2. marc


    Great information on autoblogging, with the new google panda update it may not be a good idea any how.

  3. Alex Blaken


    Using other peoples content is not a bad idea. I have been using plr articles from warrior forum which authorizes you to use the content, edit to suit you. it is quite an interesting forum, besides that auto blogging is very vital in any blogging adventure.

  4. Tim


    There are some really good plugins for wordpress to help combat duplicate content.

  5. Nicholas Scott


    Most of the people running auto blogging sites probably couldn’t care less about the ethical implications that I’ve tried to raise. This one simple line about auto blogging is certainly not enough to stop them.

  6. Nishadha


    Auto blogging is frequently used by affiliate marketers. But they are clever about it and only use excerpts to avoid duplicate content penalty. Also they use it mostly for there supporting sites, not for main sites.

  7. Reply

    Though, I had never try out auto blogging, but I heard most auto blogs are being strike off by Google because of too many duplicate content, but I still believe auto-blog will work if certain software is being use such as posting and linking to a relevant source. There is a auto-blog software which is quite famous in name, I forgot which one but most people are using it as it auto post the content with links back to the main source, may be you can search it in Google.

  8. Reply

    There are many people making lots of money using the auto blogs but it is never a reliable source of income. Also you get no recognition and other bloggers always disrespect you….. So, it is better to have a real blog which works for a long time

  9. Reply

    Come on folks. Autoblogging has been dead and useless for years. There’s no sense perpetuating the myth of easy money with autoblogs. They are useless in every sense of the word and search engines do not want useless sites in their indexes, period.

    Curate content instead. Stop trying to get rich by pushing buttons.

  10. Reply

    I must admit, I can’t really think of any good reason for auto-blogging. I think it devalues the original work of good writers and these points are all good reasons why one shouldn’t do it. I fight a constant battle against auto-bloggers who use my work without permission.

  11. Ivin


    Hello Kaushal. I tried autoblogging last year and even bought some pretty impressive software (costing a pretty penny) and it got me nowhere, got me lots of penalties etc… I’ve had so much more joy and found building great relationship by being involved in my blog.

  12. TrafficColeman


    Auto blogging is a waste of time if you want to build a community. Its just somethign that makes no sense.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  13. Megan Brown


    Agreed all are very serious and important points as neglecting such point will leads to deadly end of own hard works.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  14. Reply

    It was interesting to know that auto blogging actually doesn’t work, looks like Google Panda has introduced some really strict rules. Also regarding point 5, content theft is on the rise and publishing without attribution is even more shameless.

  15. Reply

    Hi Kaushal!

    I have owned many autoblogs, and yes, some of them don’t rank well with the Panda updates.

    And I very agree with the #1 with it creates duplicate content if we don’t take a look or check sometimes.


  16. Noty


    Hello Kaushal, it was really informative piece of work that you have posted on your article. thankyou for for leting me know about some points.

  17. Marketing Philosophy


    In my opinion auto blogging doesn’t work, even if you use services that spin articles they are of low quality so they don’t have a chance of a good ranking

  18. Andy C


    I agree with point 4. I have used it in my blog. It’s ok another blog copy aour contents but they should trackback to our sites.

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