General Internet traffic is vital to any website or business, but it is even more important to direct “targeted” traffic to your site. Targeted customers are ready to buy your products or take some other action related to your site, business or service. It may seem like attracting any traffic to your site is tough because there is so much competition online, but getting targeted traffic to visit your site can be relatively easy – you just have to post in the right places.

Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for attracting Internet traffic because it is wildly popular and has a very wide demographic. According to their press statistics, their main demographic is adults between the ages of 18 and 54, and both men and women are included.

There are a number of ways to get traffic from YouTube. One option is to create videos on topics in your niche. A good idea is to create videos that solve problems related to your business. For example, if you ran a music blog, you could create a video describing how to troubleshoot a popular mp3 player. Also, it’s advantageous to target relevant keywords, as well as long tail keywords that tend to be less competitive.

Creating videos doesn’t have to be complicated – all you need is a good quality camera and someone with a steady hand. It’s easy to use information that is already listed on your website in your video, and you may want to incorporate a slide show that includes pictures of your products as well as related background music. These videos are great for attracting people that are already interested in your industry and are likely to visit your website and make a purchase.


Traffic From Guest Posting

One way to get your name out to potential customers is to guest post on other blogs or websites in your niche. Be sure that your content is of extremely high quality – it’s advantageous to help the reader solve a problem in this context as well. A similar option would be to go outside the box and make a video “guest post” instead of a written one.

It’s also a good idea to offer something to customers who read your post and visit your site. For example, if you sell printed items like business cards and flyers, you may provide visitors with a printing guide that offers them information about your company in exchange for their email address. This is a great way to connect with new customers who are already interested in printing and may be ready to place an order.

Traffic From Post On Forums

According to the United Nations telecommunication agency, about 71% of the entire populations of developed countries will have Internet access by the end of 2011. With this kind of usage, it’s almost a guarantee that someone who’s interested in your field will see a post you make on an industry forum.

Forums are often very niche specific, so it should be easy to find one that’s related to your site. The trick is to be helpful and not spammy in your posts. Post solid answers to questions and people will
eventually see you as an authority in your area. Placing links back to your site or blog from your signature is a great way to get more users to visit your site.

Traffic From Fiverr

Fiverr is a service that allows people to buy and sell nearly any product or service for $5. So, creating a report that’s related to your niche and selling it for $5.00 on Fiverr is a great way to attract customers to your site and make a little money. Make sure that the information contained in the report is worth more than $5 so that your customers are left satisfied. Then, tell them where they can go to get more great info (hint: your site).


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    All valid traffic sources, thank you. It used to be that social bookmarking, RSS feeds, etc., were very helpful for building traffic. Not so sure if that is still the case. Fiverr even offers some traffic generation gigs, although, I don’t know that I would recommend those. Nice work.

  2. Harry


    Sara, great article. I will implement your advise for my site. thank you

  3. duiguy


    many thanks for this useful articles. I am experiencing difficulty in attracting good traffic towards my blog and I am working on it. Your tips will help me a lot.

  4. Elizabeth


    For me, I’m not very particular on Youtube in getting lots of traffic because Youtube is known for entertainment like music videos, funny videos and other videos that really catches the attention of the audience. I would most prefer to blog commenting and guest posting to fellow blogs.

  5. Rowan


    These are some great tips for how to get targeted traffic to your site. I like the Fiverr option, as you can find some really great value social marketing gigs there.

  6. automated forex


    Youtube is one of the best way to rank and drive traffic to your blogs. All you need to know is some good keywords with small or no competition and a nice video with your blog watermarks. Most webmaster upload different kind of tutorials related to niche and invite viewers to main site for more useful information.

  7. Alex


    I agree with Seo Company. Using SEO will get you heavy traffic.
    Youtube also brings alot of traffic but one must master the way yuotube functions. Alot of bloggers have making mistakes when using youtube, it is quite challenging as your videos viewing increase depending on your video duration and category.

  8. Adam Danial


    Very fantastic article there, containing lots of informative stuff. Getting targeted visitors in one’s website is the core work and ultimate desire of any internet business but this requires a lot of work and right direction. Two of above described tips are new for me “Traffic From YouTube” and “Traffic From Fiverr” I will definitely look these in details.

    Thank you for the effort you did in order to write and organize such great article.

  9. Reply

    Today’s I think Search Engine Optimization services are the most powerful tools to get heavy traffic to the websites as well as it is affordable by every business. As you said, Blogs and Forum is also another effective way to generate heavy traffic towards the websites. Thanks to share your nice tips to get traffic to the websites.

  10. Noty


    Hello sara, really informative piece of work you have done. i just want to make sure that there are some technologies that doesn’t want to get change like 3.5mm audio jack port its everywhere. sometimes it does not help to to increase the traffic.

  11. Apanate


    i think that this How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website is important for new people who want make new blog because your blog need must Targeted Traffic. Traffic of Forums is good tips. thank you for idea good

  12. hannamay


    Yeah, youtube it’s give heavy traffic to the web…That’s why I don’t usually used youtube…

  13. sunny


    Youtube is not doubt on the top one. If you can make interesting video, you can soon grab attentions and make your blog famous.

  14. Reply

    Well I get traffic from guest posting and forums, but I have never tried to get it from Youtube.!
    That´s because I really don´t have a clue on how too do it, for example how would you do it if the site was a currency rates site like mine.?

    • Sara


      I didn’t translate the content on your site, so it’s harder for me to comment. But you could try making a video explaining how the difference in rates will affect someone’s budget (you have less money now, but more money if you go here…), you might explain ways to get the most out of your (excess) money if you somewhere that values their currency higher, etc.

      You might have to get more creative, but I’m sure you can come up with a few ‘tips’ videos! Good luck 🙂

      • Reply

        I could differently do one on how to get the most of the money a person has, I hadn´t thought about like that.!
        It could be angel on buying stuff on webshops in other countries, I do it myself to save money. 😉


  15. Stock tips


    I can see that you are putting a lot of time and effort into your post, I love every single piece of information you post here. Will be back often to read more updates!

  16. SamaraJames


    I most prefer to traffic from post on forums is great point in your post & the system works extremely well so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic to your site! Thanks for sharing dude.keep it up.

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    Youtube is one of the best way to rank and drive traffic to your blogs. All you need to know is some good keywords with small or no competition and a nice video with your blog watermarks. Most webmaster upload different kind of tutorials related to niche and invite viewers to main site for more useful information.

  18. James H


    The idea of getting traffic form youtube is really nice, because the traffic from you tube stays in your site for sometime as they have already seen the presentation in the video. However, i would like to know more on how to use Fiverr to get traffic, i had never really heard about the site, just now i visited there and all i could see freelancers ready to work for a mere $5.. so its more or less like a job board.

    • Sara


      Yeah, it’s like a job board more/less.

      The way to get traffic from Fiverr is to perform a task (either yourself or by arbitrage) and then mention your site to the people who bought the work. You can do this in a small readme.txt, pdf, maybe a bonus video or html file. Lots of ways to do it 🙂

  19. Nicholas Scott


    There are many ways to get targeted traffic to your website. The well known way is to get the help of social media . After then this , make an SEO .

  20. Marketing Philosophy


    For me the best way to get targeted traffic is guest posting not only because you gain instant traffic from your links but you become an authority on your niche with all the benefits. Another great way to get targeted traffic that you didn’t mention is blog commenting which can help you network with other bloggers on your niche

    • Sara


      Agreed. Guest posting is definitely a solid way to get traffic.

      Thank you for the comment!

  21. Reply

    I saw that you include Fiverr in that list, have you ever used this?

    Also, I don’t think you can get much traffic from this website too.

    • Sara



      How come?

      I would agree if you were only using Fiverr to sell your services. However, if you get creative with it, you can definitely get traffic. For example, create a report for $5 (sell it) and give 100% commission for others (affiliates) to sell it for you. Then set up a squeeze page and grab emails (instead of commissions) which you can monetize later on.

      This is just one idea of many that can get you solid traffic from fiverr.

  22. Reply

    Hi Sara,

    I do very agree that YouTube can really bring massive traffic. I did not realize it at first, and I ignored it actually.

    I regret why I did not make use of YouTube long time ago, when there were not so much competition, LOL


    • Sara


      For sure — it’s still good for solid amounts of traffic now, despite the competition. You just need to be creative 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  23. Harshit Singhal


    I find that Guest posting works the best (though the traffic might last for only a few days, some of them might become your subscribers), followed by Forum posting.

  24. Megan Brown


    All are true and very much effective also.

    As I personally do the same way and able to gets lots of traffic by this way.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us as there are many newbies are here for them this proves very important.

  25. TrafficColeman


    Put all these forces together then you have a powerful traffic system working for you day and night.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Sara


      Yes, definitely.

      What I really like about these strategies is that they can be totally hands off once you have a strategy in place.

      Thanks for the comment!

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