Any business, which uses organic search to generate traffic and sales, must be familiar with the concept of Site links. These are the links that appear below the search results of a website. The main purpose of these links is to help the user in better navigation of a website. Besides that, the Site links make your website more prominent in search results.

The Site links generally appear by default, but if a business wants to alter them, and use more effective Site links and then it can easily do so by using Google Webmaster Tools. Besides Site links, the feature offered by Google for a PPC campaign is Ad Site links.

Ad Site links:

Ad Site link is a very common tool used in PPC marketing to attract and grab the attention of searcher. The Ad Site link consists of 5 additional links which are further divided into:

  • One main link to the landing page
  • Four additional links containing information regarding your ad

The Ad Site links will not be applicable if your ad appears in the right side of the search. In addition to that, the Ad Site links do not cost any extra in your ads campaign.

Setting Up of Ad Site links:

The process of setting up ad Site links is elaborated below in a step-by-step form:

  1. The first step is to login to your Ads Campaign
  2. The next step is to click on the ‘Ad Extensions’ button.
  3. Beneath the campaigns tab, you can find the ‘view’ option, click on it.
  4. Clicking on ‘view’ button, will give you three options, i.e., ‘Phone extensions’, ‘Local extensions’, and ‘Site links extension’.
  5. Select the ‘Site links Extension’ and click on the ‘+New extension’, which will take you to a new tab.
  6. In the new tab, you will see all the Site links for all the ads of your campaign, select the Site link, which you want to add for your campaign.
  7. The next step will be to select a link text, and a destination URL. After selection, add the text and URL in front of their respective columns on the page, and click save, now your new Site links will appear with the ad.

Controlling Landing Page with Ad Site links:

The Ad Site links give a complete control to the user over the appearance of landing page in the ad. With Ad Site links, a web marketing services provider can add multiple landing pages for the users. An Ad Site link can affect the appearance of landing page in two ways:

  • Firstly, with the help of Ad Site links, you can promote the landing pages of your “not so popular” products.
  • With Ad Site links, you can select different landing page for each ad. However, the recommended thing to do would be to use same landing page or the most relevant landing pages for a campaign.

Maximizing CTR with Ad Site links:

According to the stats of Google, the businesses using this feature have observed a 30% increase in their CTRs; on the other hand, some businesses have experienced a 15-40% soaring in their PPC sales. Ad Site links prove beneficial in increasing CTR in the following ways:

  • With the option of multiple landing pages in Ad Site links, a user has more specific links to click on, hence increasing the conversion chances.
  • In Ad Site links, you can also include extra text, which can be used as a description line, a special offer, a benefit of the product, or a promotion line for the product.
  • By linking to the landing pages already successful in the campaign, the conversion rate can be substantially increased.


Though Ad Site links may increase the conversion rate for your campaign, but the key objective of using Ad Site links must be to attract high quality targeted traffic, which can transform into sales, and generate revenue for the business.


  1. sajan kota


    A great guide about how to use Ad Site links.Very well explained thanks for sharing the information.

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    Thank you so much for the free tips

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    Thanks for it, but must indeed control the these ad link because if they are all over the place they can look spammy! Yes, it’s also good if the ads are relevant to your posts! Thanks for this idea!

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    Thorough and detailed – great post!

    This is really valuable info to me because I haven’t actually managed any PPC campaigns for awhile and I’m a bit behind in terms of new developments.

    I can say, however, that my experience has been that ads using site links are far more attractive to me as a consumer. I click through on those ads far more than I do regular text ads.

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    nice post must say i dont know about that before as i always use to depend on my adsense and affiliated income will try it now

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    Nice post. I learned from it and I am happy to came across this blog while killing my time and spending so much time surfing the net. I knew I’d learn a lot and your post contributed a lot. Great job! Keep it up.

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    This is some great information. I was confused on what a ad site is but this pretty much cleared me up.

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    Ad site links are very professional. I always wondered how to get them but never did really care too much, it’s true that I never tried to find out but, they’re very good for your website listing on search engines. Thanks for sharing!

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    A great guide about how to use Ad Site links, eventhough I have to use adwords more than one year it certainly worth reading this, I will certainly use your tips when I will start a ppc campaign for a new business that I am building right now…

    Regards Kostas

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    Well and Completly explained.

    Ad site links proves very much useful and important if done correctly.
    Thus thanks a lot for this as there are many newbies who are not aware of this.

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