Blogging started as a simple way to keep record and share fascinating things that happen to us every day with our friends online. With the fun and ease this brought, many people quickly embraced blogging. Not before long, it became a medium of sharing global information and entrepreneurs caught up with it and started making money from it.

Now, more than hundred thousand blogs are set up online daily. Many of them have become a business and their owners are living comfortable lifestyles off it.

But not all blogs can boast of being a business. For one to lay claim as a business, there need to be reliability, stability, consistency and an ultimate goal. If you think you don’t know how to display these and you are a blogger desiring to see your blog become a business, you can learn a few tips from what I want to share in this blog post.

Give out what your Audience wants

Every blog has an audience. By showing your audience true value simply by giving them what they want from you, you are making them see that you are reliable.

Now the question is what is it your audience needs? Let me list a few things an audience needs from a blog.

  • Seasoned and valuable information of the era
  • Tips to break out of current problems/ predicaments
  • Signs that they can make success through a follow-able path
  • Products that can help them maximize they already-exhausted time
  • Free or cheap and yet helpful services

Looking at the list I gave above, many of you can quickly reconcile with the fact that you are not yet on the path to make your blog a business. If you cannot retain and satisfy the needs of your audience, it would be hard for your blog to survive as a business.

Start Leveraging on other bloggers

What businesses are good at is leveraging on others to achieve their goals. Many businesses would not survive if they are not able to use the help of other businesses. You should also learn to do this as a blogger dreaming of changing his/her mere blog into a business that would survive.

There are many blogs in your niche, some of these blogs would be willing to use your help and in return do something that can change the level of your blog for you.

By cooperating with other bloggers, you are not committing yourself to them! You are only using them to achieve what you desire, your goal.

Keep Your Blog afloat by remaining consistent

Do you know that consistency can mean a great difference in the levels you are interacting at? Being consistent is what distinguishes a business that is going to survive from that which would not. Before you can see your blog rise from being just one blog into becoming a business, you have to keep a consistent pace of content delivery.

Many of us might not even have the privilege of spending much time on our blogs everyday to bring out quality content for our readers daily due to clients’ work and so on.

Get Suggestions from Readers

Lastly, the best way to turn your blog into a business is by embracing suggestions from readers. Many big blogs have been able to leverage on this and have taken their blogs to the next level with it. One A-list blogger who is very good at this is Neil Patel of

A business can’t survive without knowing the mind of its customers, and if you want to turn your blog into a business, you should learn to use the suggestions of your readers.

What other great ways can you turn your blog into a business? If you have something to add to this, you can do so by dropping a comment below.


  1. Pierro


    bro thanks a lot for this info. in fact there is a point you mentioned that point have be said by many bloggers and is about posting regularly on your blog. this is really helpful because when your readers begins to accept you as their leader, they always want to hear from you.

  2. chanikacha


    This tips will help me a lot. I had just create my new website since I am still new on the internet business. Now, I have some Ideas on what to do on my blog. Thanks a lot Ayodeji

  3. Hannah


    The problem with most people is that they treat it like a little hobby. A business is just that, a business. What you need to do is set a schedule each and every day AND stick to it. By doing so, you can find that you can accomplish a lot.

  4. Reply

    I followed your advice ,and i am curious to know if it works .Great tips by the way never knew that leveraging on other bloggers can help to.

  5. Joyce Shannon


    A very informative and helpful post to me since I’ve just started my own blog and want to turn it inot a business as well.

  6. Reply

    It took a long time for me to realize that the blog for my business could be monetized. You are spot on here!!

  7. Pete


    Awesome tips here. I myself didn’t get serious about blogging until I was laid off.

    It really does take a business mindset, and positivity, to bring your hobby out of the basement and to the storefront.

  8. Melanie


    Hi Ayodeji, these tips are really useful. People with intentions to develop their blogs for business need to always have a plan, and know how to use resources on Internet.

  9. Reply

    I appreciate the tips, Ayodeji but let’s be realistic about this. I really think that this is easier said than done and that it can take a lot to make this a reality. Maybe I haven’t been doing the right things and this is what a majority of us ordinary people do. Sadly, our dreams quickly fade away.

  10. Chris


    Being consistent is crucial to keep regular readers interested. I often fight the urge to write about something completely off topic with my blog haha!

  11. Reply

    I have already my own blog for sometime now but i find it hard to monetize it. I have read your post and i have learned a lot. I will try to follow it and see if i too can make my blog successful like yours Ayodeji. More success to your blog.

    • Ayodeji Onibalusi


      I believe you’ll soon hit success with your blogging career if you are determined to apply what you read online.
      Thanks for wishing me success 🙂

  12. Marketing Philosophy


    Thanks for the tips Ayodeji, in my opinion the best way to turn your blog to a business is to establish yourself as an expert on your field, this can be done in many ways, but the one that works best is to guest post regularly on authority blogs about your expertise. By doing that you will build relations with the blog owners and their owners which can really is priceless…


    • Ayodeji Onibalusi


      Yes, you can easily establish yourself by guest posting on several blogs in your niche. Thanks for the comment.

  13. Becca


    Very informative and useful post. This will help a lot to me as a new one in blogging. This idea enhances my capability. Thanks for sharing this and its a very big help for me..

  14. Reply

    This is definitely easier said than done, Ayodeji. Sometimes we do a lot of things right and still find ourselves missing readers. I’ve tried doing so before and I eventually gave up on it. I’m sure there were some things I wasn’t doing right but the point is, it can be really hard.

    • Ayodeji Onibalusi


      Easier said than done 😉
      If you have the mind set at delivering what your readers want, I don’t think there should be any thing difficult in achieving that.

  15. Megan Brown


    This is really great tips as this is only way to turn any blog into business as you say one of the most important is know your audience, know their need and wants and than simply fulfilled it and satisfied them.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this.

  16. Daniel Wood


    Very well written post Ayodeji. The part like the most in your post is where you explain about reader’s expectations from a blogger. I can’t think of a one more point which a user wants from a blog, he loyally follows. I think your post is very valuable for those who are stepping into blogging and want to go far in it.

    • Ayodeji Onibalusi


      Hi Daniel,

      I’m glad you love the post. Thanks for the awesome comments.


  17. Adam James


    Hi Ayodeji, some great tips here – I think a lot of blog owners that are using blogging as a source of income sometimes forget to treat their blog as a business.

    Using your readers suggestions is a great thing to do. – It means you’re definitely giving your readers exactly what they want, although it’s sometimes difficult to put all suggestions into action.

    • Ayodeji Onibalusi


      Yeah Adams, you are right that a lot of people who use their blog as business hardly treat it as a business.

      If you are good at using your readers’ suggestions, you’ll make your blog a great business!

    • Ayodeji


      Hi Sai,

      I’m glad you found the article useful, thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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