Every blogger is looking for the “next” traffic loophole to exploit.

But right under your nose, there are viable web traffic channels that can bring avalanche of targeted traffic starting today. I’m not trying to bore you with all those marketing gimmicks. If you must know, I’m not a web traffic expert and may not wow you with a top 10 traffic generation list.

However, one thing is certain, coupon discount offers are powerful marketing systems. I’ve been using them since I launched my first blog where I share vista print discount coupon, psprint discount codes and other hot deals. The results have been amazing and I can’t keep shut until you get a slice from it.

1.    Checkmate your Passion

Where does your passion lie? Whenever you hear that “word” and people talking about it, your spirit is elated. My Uncle has passion for sports and football to be specific. He’s ever ready to write about soccer and how foreign clubs are fairing.

Passion is the stimulant and foundation for successful blogging business. People who started a blog in health without understanding how to take care of their own body are now struggling to drive the right traffic.

If you’re not in “gardening,” why must you set up a blog and bite your finger to write single post each week?

Choose your passion wisely. The web traffic you need is human beings looking for passionate bloggers to pour out their hearts to. Be that person and reap the rewards.

2.    Differentiate Between Customers & Clients

I see a lot of bloggers making this terrible mistake. Although, a customer and client have similarities but the difference is clear. Until you differentiate between them, you’ll continue to market to the wrong person.

A customer is someone who buys your e-book or subscribed to your membership site. These prospects are like you because they want immediate gratification for what they purchased.

The major reason why digital products are selling like hot cakes is because of instant gratification and convenience. On the other hand, a client is someone who needs your professional services. If you’re a freelance writer or web designer for instance and landed a freelance gig, that person who hired you isn’t your employer but your client.

They pay for professional work – they want to make money, but most times, not immediately. Getting any of these persons on your blog requires separate marketing attitude, but the channel is somewhat the same.

3.    Review Affiliate Products With Coupon Codes

Some affiliate offers have coupon discounts in them; you should seek them out and review honestly. When a prospect uses your coupon code and it works, they would tell others about it.

This brings viral marketing or what we call “word of mouth” marketing. It’s the best form of marketing ever, especially when you’re targeting clients. I’ve been hired several times by serious clients because some satisfied clients recommended me.

If you’ve an info product like e-book, membership site and software, ensure you tell the truth. What you do today may grow your business in years to come or destroy it. Affiliate marketing can be profitable but do it with creativity.

These affiliate offers should come from credible product creators. You need to study their past records to know what they’ve done with their initial product launch (if any).

4.    Simplify Blog Marketing

Blogging has always been a serious bloggers, even when beginners think they’re sharing opinions and having fun. Simplicity is the watchword of every successful blogger.

Prospects and readers alike are looking for shortcuts, or a quicker route to access your quality information. If you’re offering free discount codes for any affiliate product, then test the landing page to be sure it works.

It’s so frustrating to land on a sales page only to see a 404 page.

If you were the buyer, how would you feel? When writing your posts, make it simple. If your title talks about “4 tips to find coupon codes,” please deliver on what you promised. Don’t use tricks to lure readers into your sales page. If they want to buy, it’s a personal decision which you don’t have a role to play.

5.    Optimize Your Web Page With Product Names

One quick way to drive targeted traffic to your blog is to optimize your posts and web pages with product names. This is quite different from keywords stuffing. You’re simply writing articles with the right phrases used by web searchers.

It’s easier to dominate Google search engine with product names. There are few competing web pages at the moment. Your posts are likely to show up on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) when properly harnessed.

Similarly, conversion rate usually go up when you optimize for product names. Like I said earlier, these searchers are already pre-sold and all they’re after is a slight nudge to buy.

Blog Traffic Takeaway

I’ve shared some professional web traffic generation tips in this post. I tried my best to simplify the entire marketing principles and steps behind coupon discount offers. Equally, social media is a powerful tool and should be considered when you are done with the above tips.

I’ve only 4 words for you right now. GO AND TAKE ACTION!



Michael Chibuzor  is a Social media examiner and helps small businesses drive targeted traffic to boost sales. He writes in his vista print promotion code and psprint coupon site and contributes regularly to 123print.com. These vistaprint.com discount coupon and psprint discount codes can help you save when printing business cards.


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    Thanks for innovative strategies and ideas. I found your blog in Google search and really liked the content of article.

  2. Reply

    Your blog should be packed in a complete package inorder to sky rocket it. You need to consider backlinks, content of your site, quality of your blog and many more.. Just try to follow the given tips and surely, you will go far.

  3. chanikacha


    This truly is the best information I have read. This secrets are great. I could also try this techniques to earn more money on the internet. Thanks

  4. Tracyann0312


    Great secret exposure. I like the # 1. Checking your passion is important to know your market, but as generating traffic comes in advantage, you should also be aware in it’s disadvantages!

  5. Brian


    I sometimes worry if I’ve got myself stuck with a niche blog that I’m not as passionate about as I could be. I write a lot about social media and at times, just don’t feel the passion. I also have websites about pizza, and interviews and should probably transfer my hard work there where I have more passion.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Yes Brian, you should switch to pizza niche where your passion is obvious. But you don’t have to neglect social media entirely, it’s also profitable and hot right now. Just outsource to some competent social media blogger/writer to help craft quality contents consistently.

      Thank you for commenting and do check back for updates on this.

  6. Megan Brown


    Awesome all 5 points as it very much and most I like is 2 points i.e. differentiate between clients and customer.

    Anyway thanks a lot for sharing this.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      I’m glad you enjoyed you the post. Go and implement and share your success story.

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    Hi Michael,
    I think you are dead on with “Checkmate your passion. I have actually been to a blog that posted things about website design and how to get your website to the top. I asked the guy what are some things you can do that are for free to get your websites ranking up. I found the guy really never knew anything about website design. Thanks for the great tips!
    -Joe Varga

    • Michael Chibuzor


      I’m glad you understood why passion is important in blogging. Thanks for commenting and Good luck in your web design business.

  8. Sam


    Great secrets exposed, indeed, I admit the fact that I didn’t knew almost none of them. I will follow this guide for my new business (online gadgets shop). Thank you very much!

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