For the internet marketer who uses content as his main traffic fuel, you will agree with me that indeed content is king. Content has been a very powerful means of getting traffic to a business website/blog on the internet and as much people that have been able to snatch this opportunity are successfully driving more leads and prospects towards their business.

But it’s quite unfortunate, not all content is powerful enough to command traffic. Some are just mediocre that they are only there to keep the blog updated, while others are so powerful they go viral immediately they are published.

article writing

What differentiates these two forms of content from each other and how can you make yours stand out? This article will answer these questions and more related to article marketing for you.

[box type=”red”]Research Before Writing[/box]

The process of writing your article is the most crucial aspect of it. How you get your ideas, what are the facts supporting them and how much of research you do can make or break your marketing efforts. Before you conclude on a topic, you must have conducted a reasonable degree of research on that topic and be sure you have a dependable understanding of it.

Let your articles have links in them, pointing to sources you took your ideas from, and let these sources be reputable ones. An article, well written and of a reasonable length backed-up by points from external sources will weigh more on search engines than the one which was hastily written.

If you haven’t been doing research before writing your content, let your next article be well researched and study the outcome.

[box type=”green”]Spend Time Proofreading And Editing[/box]

Another major part of content creation is editing and proofreading. If your articles are well edited and proofread for errors, it will spell on it after it’s published. Though, your readers might not leave a comment that your article is poorly edited unless it’s extreme, they will treat your product/blog by what they read on it.

If you don’t want to give your readers (or prospects) the impression that the product you’re marketing to them is crappy, you should spend enough time editing and proofreading your articles for errors.

Misspelled words, wrong use of grammar and bad punctuations are some other things Google now looks into to decide which articles it ranks better.

[box type=”blue”]Target Their Problems[/box]

Finally what the article you are writing on your blog does for the people reading it will determine how often they will come back to it. If your readers are all up on the hill looking for weight loss tips, and you are busy writing about how to make money, they won’t take your article serious and would only close the tab once they land on your blog. Though making money is very important, but in this case, your readers will only consider going for your tips after they’ve lost some pounds :).

In case you are finding it difficult knowing what your readers want from your blog, just run a poll asking them what they want to see treated on your blog. Your results should determine what you write next on your blog.

[box]Author Bio: James is a freelance writer, who is currently guest posting for leighmans, you can click here to know more about them.[/box]


  1. Glen


    Hi, I think you’re sharing great tips on copywriting and it’ll definitely help us newbies to run content marketing well.

  2. Stanley Rao


    The title plays an important role here. It is the title that gives them a clear understanding on what the post is all about and what is that it is trying to tell them

  3. Reply


    Its a shame how many articles I find out there that aren’t proofread. People just don’t realize how crucial the proper corrections can be when it comes to presenting yourself as an expert. Erroneous articles will turn me off more so than a bland title. And I really believe that titles go a long way, too (just as another commentor stated).

    I also like your insight on targeting the reader. After the reader gets drawn in from a dynamic title, the last thing they won’t to feet is cheated once they read the body. I’ve found that when the author places himself as a reader it makes it easier to target the reader.

    The mentality should be to help someone. Targeting seems to increase the chances of your article going viral, too. The reader may know someone just like them that’s looking for that information.

  4. Reply

    Very good points. Proper grammar can make all of the difference in your blog seeming professional and legitimate as opposed to junk.

  5. Jessica


    Aside from targeting their problems, check out your analytics too. Try to check what visitors are using to visit your site. This way you’ll know what they’re really searching and you may leverage on this information.

  6. Rick Peterson


    Article is the most important thing of your blog because that is your content’s room. Making an attractive article is quite hard due to the multiple topics or shall I say there are many topics. Anyway, I like your idea on how to do it.

  7. Michael Beverly


    Interesting discussion. I think terms are just terms, but value is universal understood. Whatever we call it, if we are blogging for business, providing ideas and solutions that help our audience is the key.

  8. Swet


    Hii, these all points are really very important. Article Submission is really very effective method to get traffic. And if our content is not a quality content then no one takes interest to read this. Using a Polls is a great idea. Thanks for this.

  9. Becca


    Wonderful Tips you got.If you have blog site, you should give a time maybe a hour for posting 1 article per day. it is better to post a fresh, original and better keywords for SEO. social Media is a medium to drive people to your site. This will make your blog or even you a successful blogger. SEO is the life of your website. good and correct SEO will make your blog on top and will give you more profit.

  10. Arielle S.


    This is a very interesting article. 🙂 When I first started blogging I made the mistake of not doing my research before writing up a article. I wish I came across this post at that time lol But yeah researching does play a key role in writing eye-catching, and more importantly trustworthy content. That and frequent updating is what will keep readers coming back to your site or blog.

  11. Reply

    give them tips & tricks that they are mostly looking for. attract them through your writing while providing true and on time information. and for finish i think we should allow comments on every articles we post.

  12. Reply

    Thanks a lot for these wonderful tips. I love writing but I am not very good at it and becomes hard to me whenever it comes to writing STRONG stuff! These tips are surely helpful thanks.

  13. Maja


    The contents that have something for the visitors, always made the visitors to visit that particular blog. For blogger the contents that are very helpful to promote their business are value contents for them.
    Your all tips are valid to attract the readers but contents must have power to change the visitors into customers.

  14. Giovana Lima


    Article is one of the most important factor in gaining traffic to our site, it should be good, fresh and unique post. Of course, you need to have an interesting topic to keep the readers read your post.

  15. Reply

    Hello James, i completely agree with your thoughts. A good research is really very important and Proofreading too. But many over looks it which should not happen according to me. These are the basics of Article writing and one should never forget this. Giveaways can bring new visitors and continuous Giveaways will keep their interest. I am conducting a giveaway, so if you want you can join. I would want you to participate.

  16. Anthony Spence


    Wonderful research you have and I must say you have made this post just amazing..

  17. Reply

    Hi James. Sounds like researching is something that we all have to take seriously.

    Of course, knowing a subject like the back of your hand can make writing a lot easier than trying to write on a subject you do not know well.

    Would you agree that good content is only part of the struggle and knowing how to market that content is as important if not more so?

  18. Norbert


    You need to have your audiences’ problems in mind whenever writing your content. The only way to acquire returning visitors is to satisfy them.

  19. Alex Russell


    Good tips – it’s all too simple to spend approach too long writing a post. One writing tip that I’d add (though it should cause violation of the 20 minute rule) is to let the post morph into something completely different if you find a more interesting angle. I’ve had some great posts grow out of topics that were originally quite completely different. to stay the time down, after I see that i need to redirect the post I’ll jot down the key points and, as Jim suggests, I’ll let the new concept incubate until future day.

  20. Azam


    Research based articles always provides a site returning visitors.These articles are also very useful to normalize the bounce rate of a site.

    • James


      Yes, readers will always come back to read your articles if you spend enough time researching before writing it. Thanks for the comment.

  21. Chadrack


    It’s really surprising that with good tips like these all over the place many article marketers still waste time producing substandard articles. If content is really king as we all want to say, I think content publishers should spend more time producing content that connects and engages with readers. Thanks for these tips.

    • James


      Thanks for the complement Chadrek. Writing high quality content is the secret to success in blogging

  22. Reply

    Hi James,

    You are so true here. But I oftenly miss proof read section … I don’t wait to hit publish (I do proof read after it published :D).

    And to target reader problem can be little bit difficult if our blog is brand new blog. The solution for this is blogwalking. I have done this, and figure out some inspiration for my next posts.


    • James


      Yeah, similar with what I’ve always experienced, but since I started writing for a lot of blogs, then I learnt to become patient 😉

  23. Ehsan


    You, I and every Blogger should agree that content plays a major role in Blogging success. If you don’t have a quality content than you can’t achieve your goal of Blogging. Thanks for the informative article James.

    • James


      It’s my point, unfortunately many don’t see it that way which. Thanks for the comment buddy.

    • James


      I’m glad you were able to benefit from the article, Suraj. Thanks for the comment

  24. Cal Ramsey



    Writing without doing research is the most wrong step of blogging.

    If once we provide low value article, people will never come back to us again.

    Great tips


    • James


      That’s exactly my point, low quality will put you in bad light. Thanks for the comment Cal.

  25. Aasma


    solving problems and offering help is certainly a best way to show your expertise and build trust among your readers. Though it’s not easy and you have to do proper research before coming out with any solution.

    • James


      Yes, you actually have to solve a problem in your articles (and your research will help you here), less your readers won’t benefit from it. Thanks for the comment.

  26. Arjun Rai


    I think Title plays an important role in blogging if the title is attractive them reader will automatically follow your posts and after that the whole responsibility goes to the writing and topic.

    • James


      Yes, title is as important as the content of your article. If you fail to grab the attention of your readers from the title, then your article will go unread. Thanks for the comment, Arjun.

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