We’re almost at the end of the year, just a few more days and 2013 will be over.

When 2014 comes, a lot of bloggers will be making new years resolution so that they can build a better blog.

Ask yourself these questions: How well have you done with your blog in the year 2013? Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your achievements thus far?

What I have learned throughout the years while blogging is that there is always room for improvement. The more time, effort and work that you put into your blog then the more chances you will have of becoming a successful blogger.

So the question is, should you create a blogging resolution for your blog?

[box type=”spacer”]Why You Should Create A Blogging Resolution[/box]

When you create a blogging resolution then this goes to show that you want to better your blog. Not only that, you are the person behind your blog and if you do create a resolution this also goes to show that you want to better your self.

Here are some ways in which creating a blogging resolution helps to make you a better blogger.

new years resolution

Resolutions Helps To Correct Past Mistakes

Each of us as bloggers tend to make mistakes.

Don’t blame yourself, we are all humans and this is quite natural.

A lot of my blog readers look up to me for delivering great quality content so that they too can build up their blog and a make money online.

But I made mistakes while blogging. Even though I try to present myself as a professional while writing for my blog readers, I tend to make writing mistakes which I am ashamed to talk about.

Tons of bloggers also make writing mistakes.

Hey, why not create a blogging resolution to become better writers. Spend more time writing articles so that you can become one of the best blogger in your niche.

Resolutions Helps Us To Keep Focused

When you create a resolution this often consists of things you would like to accomplish. Whether it is to lose or gain weight, or to start a new hobby.

When you have blogging resolutions it helps you to keep focused on blogging so that you can achieve your blogging goals.

Why not put on your blogging resolution list to become a successful blogger within 6 months?

No doubt you want to become a successful blogger and make some money, so challenge your self and see how fast you can achieve blogging success.

Write More Often Can Also Be A Good Resolution

I know writing a blog post everyday can be hectic. I have tried it tons of times and failed.

One of the main ingredients on blogging is writing. If you ain’t writing then you ain’t blogging.

In order to make blog post writing very easy then what you need to do is to have a blog writing strategy.

I have created a blog writing strategy which helps me to write my articles in a short period of time.

Here is how I write blog posts with ease:

  1. Brainstorm for a blog title (write it down)
  2. Think of sub-headings (write them down as well)
  3. Start writing article (avoid distractions while writing)

Once you follow these 3 easy points mentioned above then writing will be a lot easier for you.

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Start Guest Blogging In 2014

I am surprised when I talk to some bloggers who have been blogging for quite some time now and they say that they have never done guest blogging before.

Like seriously?

How can you be a blogger and not try out guest blogging? You are missing out.

Set a resolution that you are going to do guest blogging if you haven’t done so as yet. Doing guest blogging can help to build up your blog traffic and also your backlinks, if you do it on a regular.

Don’t be afraid to try out guest blogging. Think about doing it for the new year.

Set A Goal/Resolution For Traffic Increase

No matter how much traffic your blog is currently getting you will always have the craving for more.

Not sure about you, but I love getting traffic increases in my blog.

If your blog is low on traffic, or you need to build more on your current traffic, why don’t you challenge yourself to a resolution so that you can increase traffic to your blog?

You can get traffic through guest posting (as mentioned above), blog commenting, forum posting, social media usage and a few other things. Have you ever thought about doubling up on these? You may double your traffic if you do so.

Double the amount of guest posting that you normally do, double up on blog commenting and also your social media usage so that you can double your blog traffic.

No doubt this will help to boost your blog as well and give it more exposure.

It’s Time For You To Make Money

Have you started making money from your blog as yet?

Y U No Make Money?

It’s time for you to set a goal so that you can start generating some cash from your blog.

Maybe your blog monetization efforts have failed so in turn you fail to make money.

I had written this post some time ago on how you can make your first $100 from your blog. You can read it here and apply these tips to start making money How To Make Your First $100 From Your Blog

[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

Setting resolutions is like setting goals which can help to better ourselves.

If you set resolutions for your blog then you can work towards fulfilling those resolutions and this will help you build up your blog so that you can become a successful blogger.

All the best to you and your blog for the upcoming year.


  1. John Zee


    Kharim , i made too many mistakes and i admit . The blog writing strategy you have written here is the best way ,, I should try this.Before this i was writing just the title in mind 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey John,

      So happy that you have enjoyed reading this blog post. I hope that your writing strategy will work out well for you.

      All the best in the new year and thanks for the comment.

  2. Reply

    Very nice article and such a great ideas.
    i think for bloggers, create a resolution blog is a very good strategy to increase their blog’s quality.if they can realize their mistakes so they can learn from them and make their blogs better and better. That’s a way to show their audiences their respect also.
    Thanks for your sharing.


  3. Reply

    Yeah you are right setting goals for the next year is really important to achieve something. I always have a habit of writing down every scheduled task so that it can be executed perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing.!

    • Reply

      Hey Ashish,

      That’s the same thing that I do, but most times fall off track.

      I want to be successful this year so I am going to try my best to stick to my schedule.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best for the new year.

  4. Alysha


    Great post and I think guest blogging really a perfect challenge for a blogger to prove himself and it is the most authentic way to build relationship with Site Admin.

    • Reply

      Hey Alysha,

      You are so right about that. I know that there are tons of bloggers who haven’t tried guest blogging as yet.

      And actually its pretty easy. Its just like writing an article for your blog, but instead you are posting it on another blog.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  5. Ron Killian


    Another great post Kharim.

    Actually I’m pretty happy with my current blogs. I’ve done quite a bit with them, including finally posting on a regular basis, no more dead blog.

    Your right though, there is always room for improvement. My improvements will be alot most posting, increasing engagement and getting more traffic and return visitors.

    • Reply

      Hey Ron,

      So happy to know that you are posting on a regular basis now. I have another blog that I also need to work on, but I want to make sure that this blog is doing good on its own before I pull most of my time on the new one.

      Thanks for the comment.

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