Sometimes it is hard to sit at the start line and think about the finish line, but that is exactly what you need to do if you want to take your Facebook timeline cover photo and use it to send traffic to your website to improve your conversions.

Before you start thinking big picture, though, make sure that you are doing the little things right to get the most out of your Facebook cover photo. You need to make sure that the visitors to your page see your photo and find a reason to stay on the page and learn more. As a result, it should be an enticing photo that has some bright, vibrant colors and gets people interested in what you have got going on. From there, it should provide some information so that people learn a little bit about your company, even if it is entirely based upon a motto that is only a few words long.

Finally, you want to increase people’s curiosity about your company and get them to read the entire Facebook timeline page. Once you have these three goals accomplished, you’re communicating effectively through your Facebook timeline and it is time to try to start generating conversions. The first step is an easy one, and it was pointed out on Socially Sorted.


Link Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

This one is so easy that it is absolutely amazing that so many people forget about it, but they do. You can link the Facebook timeline cover photo to a tab within your Facebook page, where you can provide additional information. Here you do not have the restrictions on the type of contact information and the links that you are allowed to share.

Thus, you can use this page to try to direct people to your website, where you can work on converting them from potential buyers into customers. This means that the page should be more than just the links and contact information. You should include some copy that is designed to drum up interest in your products, which then causes the visitor to click on the links. From there, they will be able to head out to your website and make a purchase, if they so choose.

That is the road to taking a customer from simply being a visitor to your Facebook timeline cover photo to getting them more interested in what you have to offer so that they continue to spend time on your page, learning about your business. From there, you can push them toward your website by making sure that your contact info is available.

Make Sure They Click the Cover Photo

Of course, that entire strategy is predicated upon your visitor clicking on the cover photo. If they do not do that, they will not get to the tab that has your company’s contact information, and they are unlikely to ever visit the site.

Thus, getting people to click on your Facebook timeline cover photo needs to be a big priority. Make sure that it is well designed and continue by putting some information on it that appears to be in a clickable button. Even though it is not, if the user clicks on any part of the cover photo, they will have clicked on a link to the page that has more information about your company and how to do some research. Thus, you’ll get them where you need them to go, at which point you may be able to turn them into customers.


  1. Reply

    Wow man.
    This post is amazing. I mean who would’ve thought that you can use your FB cover photo to send traffic to your sites. Awesome read man!
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Anil Kumar


    Very informative post, I really liked this new idea of sending the traffic from covers to the links. I’ll surely try it out


  3. Reply

    Hello, This is very interesting aspect of using facebook. Definitely It would be useful to connect the cover photo with some link. But sometimes it would provide some negative effect as the user will not get the required image which he wants to open.

  4. John Zee


    Great tips to get traffic from facebook ,i should try this one also. Linking cover photo can boost traffic to some extent 🙂

  5. Andy


    Very nice post. Well i am very weak and have little knowledge about facebook functionality as i hardly care about social media. Now i need it for growing my website’s popularity.I want to aware people about free WordPress themes i make and offer. I am looking forward using your given technique for my facebook profile.

  6. Vicky


    Yes you are right facebook can be of great help in getting the awesome traffic either from timeline cover photos or anything.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Susan Velez



    These are some great tips, especially for someone who has never taken full advantage of using Facebook. I need to start applying some of these tips and see if I can improve my traffic.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.


  8. Nikhil


    Great Post,
    Facebook page is an important tool for branding and it helps you to rive traffic. facebook cover is most like to tell peoples about your brand and you have to implement it correctly.

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    Wonderful tips mate. I wasn’t aware that facebook timeline can bring traffic or send the traffic to blogs. I’d surely follow your tips.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Facebook pages, covers helps a lot to build a Brand and it’s really tremendous to make some sense in brand’s business.

    But few days back Facebook announce it’s own Panda update as same as Google that reduced the organic reach upto 40%.

    BTW, this post is totally of out of box thinking. Great tips 😀

  11. Ron Killian


    Some great tips.

    My facebook profiles are sadly lacking and obviously the reason I don’t get much traffic from it. Time to get busy and use some of these idea’s to get my profile in order 🙂

    Enjoyed reading it.

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