It’s been a long time now when our elders received letters from their loved ones, and in response, they have to have done the same thing, one piece of paper and couple of paragraphs for a whole month. Now the time is entirely changed. The young generation has the cell phone and social media to communicate with their friends, with one single click, to the whole world. They do texting whenever they want; it seems very nice, Irrespective of that texting becomes an addiction for present time generation of teens. In present time a young teenager most of the time cannot behave normally socially. It can cause some psychotic problems for teen, i.e., risky behavior, the distraction from school work and physical issues like tendinitis in fingers and wrists as well. Further, texting habit can transform into the deep depression, sleeping disorders and anxiety.

Unfortunately, in the modern world in which we are living, a materialistic approach has already been penetrated in our minds. We cannot eradicate today’s technology from our lives. We think that our kids are secure having cell phone devices in their hands. We took advantages; our children inform us that we are about to pack up from school so, pick us up. We tell them don’t worry coming to pick them up. However having all that advantages, which the modern technology has given us, irrespectively, technology can cause far-reaching issues to our kids.

Health Hazards in teens:

  • The World Health Organization stated that mobile phone emits frequencies that can cause cancer and brain tumor in the human brain.
  • Nighttime is the best time among regular chatting and gossips freaks. The primary factor behind sleep deprived is late night chatting. So, late night chatting is truly a nightmare which leads you to sleep disorders.
  • The World Health organization has shown its studies that, there is the high risk of accidents while using mobile phones while driving. Using smartphones while driving is the highest factor of accidents, a ratio is very high among teens.
  • Addiction of cell phones among teens may cause chronic diseases like heart issues, according to the European Journal of Oncology. Radiation emits by the mobile phone can affect blood cells (RBCS) and trickle hemoglobin and to heart problems.
  • High use of cell phone among teens may cause some health hazards like Infertility issues among men, hearing impairment, eye problems, skin allergies, infections, and stress.

How to protect teens from too much use of smartphones?

It’s not possible to check their kid’s phone on a regular basis. Most of the teens have passwords on their phones. So, what precautions should parents make for their teens to save them from the smart phone? We have available plenty of monitoring Apps which can help us to monitor our teen smartphones quickly. TheOneSpy App is the World no. 1 App for tracking all kinds of Android and IOS devices. TheOneSpy has more than 130 features and 16 instant messengers.

It can spy your child’s device and can easily manage to copy the content to your account.

It can spy all the browsing history of your child’s phone and will let you know whom they are talking to, give you complete schedule able to block inappropriate sites through your control Panel. So, TheOneSpy has most contemporary and secure features. Start monitoring your child activities through cell phone and keep them safe from all health hazards and addictions.

Author Bio:

Angelica fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at cell phone spy software, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2


  1. Digital Parenting


    what kind of precautions a parent should made for kids in order to protect them from cell phone. There are bundles of monitoring application which are available, as far as smart parenting apps is struggling to aware all parents. The only purpose is to prevents teens from eating food from outside of home, their heath might go to damage side. They can be track. None of other than authentic person should be allowed to monitor ones cell phone.

  2. Reply

    Extra ordinary phone using is the rising problem of this era, obviously teens have bad effects of this problem. So I think this article is a little and useful effort to stop this.

    keep it up. Best. Thanks

  3. Mew


    Seriously, every parent should go through this article as it will be really useful in process of dealing with the teens and their teen life issues.

    Furthermore, should take these step very serious to avoid big time issues in future. Always be prepared for incoming bad times.

    Keep up the good work who ever posted it. Thanks

  4. Brooke


    I am really afraid of this serious issue. You know what sometime I think that a huge disaster is coming and then instantly I realized that Oh hy! here it is. I mean we are being stuck and surrounded by ourselves very badly and we are unable to see what going on behind the scene. I would only include a request that we all as human being should think about each other, about whereabouts and health, environment, society, everything. I mean Parents should monitor their kids and teens at every moment of their life. These all are supportive pillars if you really wanna bring healthy environment, both digitally or physically way in teens.

  5. Maher Afrasiab


    I think you have pointed out the very important points related to this matter. I think we should take proper steps towards this problem so that we don’t have to face big problems in future.

  6. Hemant Kumar


    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance”between superb usability and appearance. I must say you’ve done a amazing job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Chrome.
    Outstanding Blog!

  7. Reply

    I think you are indeed right about each and every point listed in this post. Sometimes using cellphones are really dangerous and I guess every adult person must avoid giving their mobiles to their children.

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