Aren’t we all eager to make money online from our blog?

Agree? Yes, of course you do.

Most of us dream, as bloggers, is to make a living online by blogging so that we can forget about that stressing 9 to 5 job and relax in the comfort of our home while we blog and make money.

The truth is – most top bloggers these days earn a ton of money online writing articles for their blog. They embed affiliate links and watch the sales on products that they are marketing climb.

Some of them sell advertisements and make money.

Some of them may even perform services or sell their own ebook to help them make money online.

When new bloggers realize that these pro bloggers are making six figures from there blog, they become eager about making money from their new and shiny blog as well.

Did these new bloggers take the time out to read these pro bloggers success story? (Sometimes on success stories they will tell how long it took them to earn money to make a living online)

[box type=”spacer”]Monetize New Blog How Soon?[/box]

How Soon Should You Start To Monetize Your New Blog

As I mentioned earlier in this post, a new blogger may become eager to monetize a new blog when they learn that pro bloggers make tons of money from their blog.

Some bloggers may even begin to place ads on their blog before launching it and hope to make tons of money when they do launch it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Monetize A New Blog Early

Your Blog Has No Traffic – New blogs don’t have any traffic so there is no need to start monetizing it so early.

This is like being a new parent and you want your child to start walking and talking on the same day that it was born.

Your blog is like a new baby. You have to care for it and nourish it with content so that it can stand on its on and then speak for itself. When your blog has lots of traffic then it can make the money that you desire.

It Scares New Visitors – When new visitors come to your blog they will know that your blog is new. This is because you won’t have much content or comments.

If you fill your new blog with ads and affiliate banners then this will make them know for a fact that you only want to make money from your new blog. More banners than content can drive away your visitors who would have become customers if you play your cards right.

Focus on writing top quality content and this will help you to make money when you start to monetize your blog.

No Credibility Has Been Established – When a pro blogger has built a strong blog and has gained lots of  credibility then he can sit back and make a living online from his blog.

With new bloggers, they have no credibility at all and in order to make money from your blog then this is needed. You have to write great contents, guest posting, network with others and do what ever it takes to boost your credibility with others.

Doing this makes the money making process much easier.

[box type=”spacer”]How Soon Should You Monetize Your New Blog?[/box]

So how soon do you think a new blog should be monetized?

Well I would say when this blogger has build an audience of 1,000 daily visits or more.

Why wait so long you may ask?

1,000 daily visitors to a blog can help it to generate some cash for this blogger.

Why not do it at 500 daily visitors?

This is because you want to really make money when you start to monetize your blog. First focus on writing quality contents for your new blog, guest posting, blog commenting and do what ever it takes to get some targeted traffic to your blog.

You don’t want to focus too much on the money making part that comes with blogging. You want a clear view of building up your blog. Starting monitization too early can cause a person to lose focus on content writing and getting blog traffic which is what helps to bring in the money.

Set Goals – Keep your mind off the money making process and set goals to  become a better blogger. Set goals such as getting 100 visitors in the first month of launching your new blog. This will help to keep you occupied.

Networking – As bloggers, there are tons of ways you can network so to boost the visibility of your new blog. Guest posting, blog commenting, forum posting, social media, social networking and also contacting bloggers in your niche who has more experience.

[box type=”red”]How To Monetize Your Blog Effectively[/box]

When the time comes to monetize your blog, you want to do it so that it will make money as soon as you start doing it.

Here are some tips to help you monetize your blog effectively so that you can make money:

Write Content & Build Traffic – If you don’t have any content on your blog then you won’t have any traffic. If you don’t have any traffic then you won’t make any money.

So the first step on monetizing a blog is to write tons of quality contents. People don’t just want to read copy and paste articles or duplicate content. They want to read fresh new content which is of benefit to them. No one will stay on a blog if the content isn’t appealing as well.

You also want to build up traffic to your blog. If your blog doesn’t have any traffic then the money will never come your way. Your traffic is what buy ads on your blog or purchase from your affiliate link. If you have lots of traffic then you can make lots of money.

Build An Email List – Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Some bloggers say that the power is in the list and I can agree with them.

If you get your blog visitors to sign up then you can now market to them by sending them emails. Lots of money can be made from email marketing. You can also get the people who signed up to your list to come back to your blog. This means traffic as well and we all know that traffic can bring you money.

I encourage you to start building a list today! If you start early then you will realize the success that you will have in the near future.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money form your blog. You sign up to affiliate programs and market then on your blog. Whenever someone purchases through your affiliate link then you will earn a commission.

Be sure to promote affiliate products or services that are related to your niche. Doing this will increase your chances of making some sales.

Selling Advertisements – Selling ads on your blog can help you to make money from your blog as well. I recently blogged about how you can make money from your blog by selling advertisements. You can read that article to get more information.

Review Writing – Writing reviews for other blogs or products can help you to make some big bucks. Sites like PayPerPost and ReviewMe are popular options.

You can even announce on your blog that you write paid reviews.

PayPer Click – Signing up to payper clicks program and placing these ads on your blog will help to make you lots of money especially if you have a lot daily visitors. Google Adsense is one of the most popular payper click program and it is free to use.

When placing Google Adsense on your blog, be sure to let your ads blend with your background and also use the same color links on your blog. Place ads where they can be seen and also don’t overcrowd your page with too much ads.

[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

Don’t monetize your blog too early. First write lots of great high quality articles.

Promote your blog to the fullest. Generate lots of traffic and build a brand around your blog. This way will help you to make money when you start to monetize your blog.


  1. Reply

    Hey Kharim Tomlinson,

    Thanks for the sharing informational article. I never use this on my articles. It is very helpful for me. Now i am trying this on my articles. Thanks for sharing. Really liked it. Keep posting.

  2. Rocky Murasing


    Hello Kharim,
    I can see there is a handful of options to monetize a blog. And, all of these options are depending on the traffic volume. So, my first concerned is with how can I boost my daily traffic. Leave some tips for me. Thanks.

  3. Reply

    Hello, I want to know whether I can start monetizing my 6 months old blog. It has been active every day with nearly 1000 visitors. And I also want to know whether I should use the same niche to monetize my blog or any other niche will do? If I get the answer then it will really be helpful.

    By the way, thank you for the informational article.

    • Reply

      Advertise and post as much… Share articles on social media, guest post on lots of blog.

      This will attract lots of visitors and eventually you will make money.

      You can’t make money without traffic, so get the traffic first and then convert it into money.

  4. Reply

    Great article Kharim thanks for posting!

    A lot of useful information here for bloggers thinking of monetizing their sites. What would you say has been the most effective form of monetization for you personally?

  5. Nizam Khan


    Awesome post! Well, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but it’s best to promote affiliate products/services that are related to blog/site niche, as people will find it relevant and thereby it will increase the chances of conversions. Thanks Kharim for sharing this post !

    • Reply

      Hey Nizam,

      I agree with you totally on that. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways a blogger can use to monetize his blog. But bear in mind that traffic is needed in order to make affiliate marketing work well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  6. Reply

    So challenging and inspiring blog! Writing top quality content, the phrase I like the most in this article. It provides you credibility so that sooner you can make money out of your articles. I agree too, that you need not monetize your blog too early because you need to established first a good reputation with regards to article writing. Prove first that you are worth to this world of business. Thanks for providing information on these matter.

    • Reply

      Hello Nina,

      There isn’t really a need for early monetization. Building up the new blog is what is needed for success. Feed new blog with quality articles and also try to get visitors to view your blog as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Shane


    This is one of important topic for bloggers that they are going to earn money through blogsites. Bloggers have the quality of content on their site to earn money.

  8. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan


    I totally agree with the author that one should not be in a hurry to apply for adsense or to put up ads.
    I am a new blogger (just 3 months old) and I was over enthusiastic about the whole idea of being handed over a check by Google every month that I applied for adsense after just 78 days. (Traffic at the time was almost a 100 visitors a day).
    Now that I have seen that I have “earned” only $12 in the first month, I realize what a fool I was to apply for it too soon.
    Totally agree with the author.
    Never apply till you have a sizable audience.

    • Reply

      Hello Ambika,

      I am so happy that you agreed with me. Early monetization can work but then it needs lots of work.

      Its best to build up traffic first and then make the money later. That way when you start monetization then you will make lots of it without disappointments.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and thanks for commenting.

  9. Reply

    I think it depends on the which money making method you want to use. I have a strategy of monetizing my articles. I started with less than 10 articles and generated close to $100 in 2 weeks. I think it’s a matter of knowing your audience and strategy

    • Reply

      Well you are right about that. But not all the time you are going to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

      Most times it will take months to make even $10 from a new blog.

      When a person starts the money making process, I don’t think that they should be making $100 this month and then next month they make $13. Earnings should be on a rise.

      This is why I mentioned that a person first needs to build up their blog and then monetize later.

      Thanks for your input and nice making that close to $100 in 2 weeks. 🙂

  10. Rahul Kangjam


    i know affiliate marketing is just like fishing on a ocean …once it catch not less then thousand dollar……but it depend on luck…so i am using PPC it very affect one …..indeed this article give me to make a try on affiliate marketing and Selling Advertisements

    • Reply

      Hey Rahul,

      Making money with PPC is much easier that selling affiliate products or advertisements. But when you do reach the level of selling affiliate products and ads on your blog, then you will realize that this makes you more money.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best. 🙂

  11. cabillier


    Thank you for this… Now i know why mine gets always denied everytime i apply for google adsense… makes sense..thanks

  12. Md Sohail


    Hey Kharim,

    well its really helpful article for me because i didn’t monetize my blog yet as its new blog. Although iam following the tips which you have mentioned.. once the blog increase the traffic.. will point towards income generating methods.

    • Reply

      Hey Sohail,

      Glad to know that you weren’t so quick to through some ads on your blog.

      As you said you are going to build up your traffic first and then later monetize. This will work out well for your.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  13. Mark Brook


    First of all nice article once again, I think you are write as some people what to make money right after they start writing there blogs but its not like that you need time to get visitors, some of them start optimizing there blog for visitors as its not wrong we all should do that but we must consider the quality of content also getting 1,000 user traffic on blog some time that is useless but 500 visitors traffic become more useful this experience I have by myself.
    I have notice some time blogger left writing as they are unable to make money with there blogs they must read your article and should not give up with this. Every thing took some time to get famous.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment again Mark.

      A new blogger need to build up their blog with content and traffic and then monetize.

      This is the best way for them to go if they want to make money from their blog.


  14. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    A very valid point. Blogs must be launched with a clear cut objective. Should not think of monetizing them at the beginning itself. In fact, it never works that way.Bloggers should think about reaping benefits in the long run and should concentrate on reaching the readers first and building links to their blogs. Blog should become popular first and then the rest would follow suit.


    • Reply


      I agree with you pal. Early monitization can kill a blog. New bloggers need to first focus on writing, getting traffic and being social with blog visitors. This will boost the chance for success.

      Thanks for your comment.

  15. firdosh joy


    This is a great article. Actually all the new blogger want to earn money so fast from blogging , even me. But I am completely agree with author that we should not start monetize our blog so early because our blog does nt have enough visitors.

  16. Reply

    Kharim this article makes things so clear. Most people are just focused on making money which I understand because it is mostly out of need. But when you build relationships with people first they money will come. But as you mentioned it is all about the individlua’s goals. It you want a few dollars coming in each month than go ahead and advertise without building a relationship but if you want long term income than you will wait until you’ve built your brand and estalished credibility with your readers.

    • Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Building up relationships with your blog readers and visitors will hep you to market to them more easily. These are the type of things that we need to do so that we can easily make money from our blog.

      Some new bloggers fail to get the point of building strong relationships with others of come in contact with their blog and this is where they fail to make money from their blog.

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading as well.

  17. Reply

    The problem is most people lack patience. A new blogger will most likely listen to the advice given in the above post but after two or three month of waiting he/she will most likely put ads at the first sign that something is going the right way.

    Kharim I agree with the fact that you have to wait until you have a certain number of daily visitors. It makes sense from so many points of view. So I underline again to whomever reads my comment: Do not put ads to early on your blog!

    • Reply

      You are right. Most will read this article and then a few weeks or months they will start monitization without building up their blog or traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Reply

    Kharim, Thank you for writing this post.As a newbie blogger, I have so many questions and other than SEO, when to monetize ranks pretty high. Thanks for the tips.

  19. Gail Gardner


    Be aware that many so-called make money blogging “gurus” have been caught photoshopping the “evidence” that they are rolling in the dough. While what they teach MAY be making THEM money, if you don’t have access to their huge mailing lists of people conditioned to buy whatever they’re hawking this week YOU are not going to make money that way.

    30,000 visitors a month you say? How many of the bloggers we know have that much traffic? Not GrowMap. Maybe DragonBlogger or TrafficGenerationCafe. Who else?

    If you want to make money blogging the two best methods are: 1) Sell what you know as services 2) Create a geo-targeted blog and grow a local audience because then it makes sense for any local business to buy advertising, hire you to write about them or list them in Local Directories or do content marketing for them or even create page(s) and register a domain for them so they have a Web presence on a popular site that already reaches their target audience. See for why and how.

  20. Kevin


    You should indeed first of all focus on getting traffic and pageviews, then move on to selling advertisement later on. Your ads should as well not be so intrusive, but rather allowing enough room for the content to get the exposure it deserves. After all your content is what your readers first come to your blog for.


    • Reply

      You are right on the point. Too much ads which gets in the way of content can make your blog look messy and also not making any money. This helps to scare blog visitors away because they will know that your aim is all about making money.

      Thanks for your input on my article. Well appreciated.

  21. Tuan


    This is a popular question and each time people ask me this, I always said this is not really important. You can start monetize on the 1st day of your blog, just don’t overdo it and keep providing value to your readers.

    • Reply

      You are right. Monitization can be done from day one. But on day one this is where most new bloggers wonder why they don’t make money when they get their first few visitors. So this is why some also give up on blogging because they thought they would make money as soon as they place ads on their blog.

      Thanks for the comment Tuan.

  22. Harneet Singh Bhalla


    Really informative idea. I liked the concept of the post. Actually this question is in every newbie’s mind and they are not able to think about a proper time to start monetizing. I think this post will clear there mind concept a little bit and they will be to monetize the website at the right time. Keep up the good work.

    • Reply

      Thank you for reading my article. This post will help new bloggers to see why they shouldn’t push their new blog to make money but to wait and build it up first.

      Thanks for the comment.

  23. Mark Brook


    This is great blog which every blogger should read I also write blogs but those are free and I use them to save my thoughts now I am thinking to make my blogs professional and make money only this blog help me to start thinking on my this way.

  24. Reply

    I absolutely agree with you about getting 1000 visitors a day before applying some advertisement. Last thing you want is visitors running away as soon as they come to the site. They will get the impression that you are only interesting in making money and nothing else. Once you have that authority of a quality blogger (and advisor) ads are seen as compulsory and will even look good on the site.

    • Reply

      Strongly agree with your comment. You don’t want to scare your first time visitors who may be potential buyers or advertisers.

      Thanks for the comment, Shalu.

  25. Robert


    I agree that we shoudn’t try to monetize blogs too early. Give value first, money will come after 🙂

  26. Reply

    Thanks Karim for shearing your views. Apart from these ways, you can sell your e-book. Through this you can earn money. Affiliate marketing is also a good way but at first you need to develop a good followers to your blog. If they believe you then they also believe your promoted product.

    • Reply

      Yes, selling your ebook is also a great way to make money. But keep in mind that you have to have some sort of credibility as well in order to sell your book. You have to establish yourself as a great writer who whas knowledge on the topic that the blog is in.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  27. Aditya


    Monetizing blog should be done only when it has credibility and your blog has something That can make readers stick to it.Starting anything in a hurry leads to death.So if one want s to be alive he should first give importance to the content he is going to share and increase readers,if he is successful in doing this then monetizing will not be a problem.

    • Reply

      You are so right about that. Blog with credibility will make money easily that a blog without credibility.

      Start by doing lots of content marketing and also promotion, this will build traffic and also the money will come with the traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Aditya


        Yes for sure but the content should be fresh and it should provide something useful.If it cannot then forget traffic.
        Once someone start providing what others want then i think money is not the issue.

  28. Bhushan


    Long time to see you,:)
    Before start earning from your blog you should work high make some articles continuously, promote it with fully dedication to get more visitors and make website and page rank higher then it is good to monetize blogs with some brands.
    you also shared here with good highlights.

    • Reply

      Hey pal,

      You have really mentioned some high points in your comments. This is where lots of bloggers fail to get traffic when they fail to promote their new blog post. Promotion helps to get in tons of traffic and after that you can make money from that traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  29. Azam


    Hello Kharim
    In this article your main focus was contents. I mean we can generate traffic and earn money through our blog only by quality contents.

    • Reply

      You are right about that. Great content comes with traffic and traffic comes with money.

      So it all goes back to having quality contents on your blog.

      Thanks for the comment Azam.

  30. Saad


    If we monetize it sooner how will it affect us ? badly I mean wont we make some money till we reach 1000 daily ?

    • Reply

      Blog visitors are a funny set of people and they mostly follow recommendations from experienced bloggers. So new bloggers have to build up some sort of credibility before they can start market to their audience.

      Anything else I can help you with?

  31. Reply

    I agree with you what you said. As we know that many people earn their living by blog and they may become eager to monetize a new blog, which is not so good. And thanks for the tips to help others monetize your blog effectively.

    • Reply

      Persons who are quick to monetize their blog sometimes fail to make money. Its always best to build up some traffic and they think about the money making process later.

  32. Jason


    I have basically went the other way and it hasn’t worked out for me, so I am willing to try you ideas.

  33. Simmeon


    Evening Kharim,

    This a the question that often makes people stop and think about.
    For me, when I start a new blog I might use just one or two places to display and ad. Just some newbies that think the more ads use the more money you make.

    Poor souls..

    The reality is if its a new blog traffic will be zero – low traffic.
    Waiting lets say 2-3 months, one so you get some content up and two you will have some traffic.

    On the same note don’t be scared to make a few $$ usng ads.

    • Reply

      The more you wait and build up your traffic and content then the more successful I think a person will be.

      Thanks for your input on my article, Simmeon.

  34. Mike Howg


    Great article. I’m currently going through the process of putting ads on my blog. I’m still tweaking everything to get it looking right but it’s so tempting to put as many ads as possible on there which is obviously not very good. People should definitely start slow at first and then expand as the traffic comes in.

    • Reply

      Start with building your traffic and then build a friendly relationship with your blog traffic.

      When you start to monetize your blog then this will help to make it easier to market to them.

      Thanks for your comment.

  35. Sergio Vasco


    My blog is pretty new and I was thinking about monetizing it. But now, I will refrain from it and would like to wait for another 3 months or so. I am expecting a spike in traffic after 3 months.

    • Reply

      Well all you have to do is work on your blog to the fullest for the next 3 months and when you start to monetize it then you can expect to make some money.

      Thanks for the comment.

  36. Janmejaya


    Before monetizing any blog need to analyze the site traffic ,pagrank and other popularity. Now a days all advertiser programs are looking upon the traffic of the site and some are looking upon social popularity. But if someone writing always unique and valuable contents then all things are coming automatically.

    • Reply

      You are right. We need to analyze traffic stats and other starts before selling advertisements and also if we want to monetize our blog that way.

      Thanks for the comment and tip that you provided.

  37. Irfan Siddiqui


    I’m not sure with the exact time one should start monetizing his blog but… I’d like to share the experience I’d in my blog and it’s monetizing.

    I was aware with, if I start putting ad’s over my articles in it’s starting then it will not be good even I don’t had ads permission to put so had waited for 6 months since I’d started my blog.

    Later, six months I started using various ad networks over my posts but it didn’t worked even though I’ve build good readership by that time. Then later sometimes I started using Adsense and till now I’m using it and happy with my income.

    One word for your post, Loved it, bro! 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Irfan,

      Glad to see that you didn’t start to monetize your blog the first day that you started it. And also nice to see that you are now earning money.

      Keep up the good work pal.

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