This post is a way of thanking my commentators and I reward them for leaving their comments by giving a link back to their articles.

Links of the week is a process in which I check the comments of the commentators for the week to see the links that they have placed in the comments using the comment luv plugin. I always check the comments that are made on my articles and visit the links left back in the comments.

After visiting these links I will read the articles, those that are well written with great tips will be mentioned here.

These links have really great tips to make you a successful webmaster and I want you to check these links out to help you to become more educated.

Blogging Tips

  • Automatically Tweet Blog Posts
  • The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need On Guest Posting
  • 6 Warning Signs of Bad Writing Part Two
  • Utilize These Blogging Tips to Lift your Blog Off the Ground
  • Traffic + SEO Tips

  • Explore your Site’s Link Popularity Free
  • Building Quality Backlinks via Article Marketing
  • Tutorials

  • Insert Breadcrumbs Code -Thesis Tutorial
  • Other Interested Articles

  • 8 Free Halloween Social Media Badges
  • No Man Is An Island
  • 30 Day Writing Meme — 1
  • Choosing A Web Host!
  • How To Get Your Links Featured

    In order to get your articles featured here, you have to make comments on my articles. At the end of the week if your article is good enough then it will be featured here.

    When you make comments on my blog posts and use the comment luv feature, I will visit your blog post and if it has great info that my blog readers can benefit from then it will be featured in the links of the week.


    1. Steve


      Hey Kharim, thanks for putting a link to my site up there 🙂

      And of course, now I have the start of my weekend reading thanks to the other links you posted.

    2. Mike


      I know right away that Murlu guide is going to be in this list. His guide is so stand out from the rest due to his unique and controversial voice.

      Thanks for the list, Kharim. I’m heading to the article No Man Is An Island now, seems to be an interesting article to read today 🙂

    3. Suresh Khanal


      What a great posts you’ve listed of those three categories. There are still some posts I need to check.

      Open site explorer is a great tool to check link popularity. Thanks for pointing it out. You did list Hunter’s post. Thanks a lot.

      Two trends, I’m finding interesting in blogging circle – linkluv and fridayfollow. I started to feel these two trends are growing as a blogging festivals!

    4. Reply

      Hey Kharim thanks for taking the time to include a link to my 8 Halloween badges I appreciate it. Found some gems in here this week too. Retweeted.

    5. Julius


      Hey Kharim,

      I am just checking out one of the articles you mentioned up there. Thanks for posting them. It’s always great to see what other people are reading and enjoying. Keep it up 🙂

    6. Ryan Biddulph


      Hi Kharim,

      A super list of links here.

      I’m heading over to the The Man Is An Island article right now.

      Thanks for sharing the links and have a great day!


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