Post-Penguin, the world of SEO and marketing has changed a lot. For many years, link building, directories, and article marketing were the primary concern of SEO agencies. Some “black hat” webmasters put so much focus on building a high volume of links that they ignored other important factors such as the quality of those links and the quality of the content on the site that they were trying to promote. Volume of traffic, and of incomming links, was the only thing that they were thinking about.

Penguin marked the beginning of a new era for Internet marketing. We’re on the verge of “web 3.0”, and in this new world, quality is everything. It is king, queen and everything in between. Google wants webmasters to stop worrying so much about gaining search engine rankings and instead focus their efforts on the user’s experience. Even Bing cares more about content that’s worth sharing than it does about traditional SEO strategies. In this modern web, link farms, directory listings, and article submission services aren’t enough. That’s not to say that there’s no place for link building, but the links that count now are ones that you earn – not ones that you automate.

At a recent SEO conference in Brighton, England, Dave Coplin of Bing announced something that got the SEO world talking. Bing cares about social media. Twitter and Facebook references are factored into search rankings. So, if you want your site to rank well, you’ll need to get people talking about it.

Embracing social media makes sense even if you ignore the search engines. Social media is a huge part of day to day life for a large section of the population now. Almost everyone you come across in day to day life will have some kind of online presence in the form of social media. It’s become a part of life; people use Facebook to find out about events, talk to their friends, and stay in touch with their favourite brands. Twitter has replaced the RSS reader for many people, serving as a primary source of news, both real-time and celebrity, and information as much as a way to chat with acquaintances.

Call it a Content Strategy

Changing the way you think about SEO might be difficult, especially if you’ve spent years trying to raise your pagerank artificially. Instead of thinking about a “link building” strategy, or an “SEO strategy”, why not think of your Internet marketing in new terms, and formulate a Content Strategy instead. As part of this strategy, you want to build up a constantly updated library of great content that people will want to share via their favourite Social Media sites.

Building great content will earn you quality, organic links from social media sites, and also from high authority sites. This is the kind of link profile that Google is looking for Post-Panda, and it’s the kind of thing that Bing loves too!

Writing quality content takes time. You need to assess the needs of your current, and potential, target market. What are they interested in? What do they want to know about, and what are the asking questions about? If you start to address the questions that people have surrounding your niche, then you’re headed down the right path for creating wicked content).

In order to do this, you may need to hire a social media agency or an SEO consultancy to help you create the content, and put together an easy system to allow your visitors to share it, but it will be worth it in the end. Post Panda, you won’t have to worry about being stung because of dodgy link building strategies. If you build a site worth visiting, people will come to it, and if people are visiting, you can bet that Google and Bing won’t be far behind.


Crispin Jones writes for Insignia Communications who deliver training on  social media crisis exercises and tabletop exercises. Connect with Insignia on Facebook.



  1. Kristine


    I know social media marketing is very important and I struggle to set aside a designated time to do all of it for my online business. I would love to add even more to but for now Facebook, twitter and pinterest channels will have to do. It really is a fulltime job but I’m not ready to oursource it just yet. Instead of spending time on my personal social media accounts, it’s business all the way.

  2. Yasir Khan


    Social media is the new best friend of web marketers because they are very helpful and effective on getting quality traffic as well as branding. It is where the people are and they are free which gives you advantage to market your site to the full extent.

  3. Arianne


    Social media marketing can either bring us to success of the opposite. We just have to figure out how we want it to have its kick-off and it’ll just go with the flow. Thanks for the share!

  4. Vianney


    Social media marketing, for me, is a great way to make the most of the social media in your business’ advantages. Thanks!

  5. Reply

    It is safe for the newbies and starters to hire SEO managers for the purpose of social media marketing and then they can start doing their own thing. Gradually one attains perfection. Thanks for the share.

  6. Prakash


    Social media has been emerged as an important factor for seo. The value of our post can be determined by the search engine from the popularity of our post in social media.

  7. Reply

    Firstly, I liked the title of the post, it has a captivating touch. Social media is all about developing the things with an inherent creativity. It’s about getting involved with the audience with the intention to get the best of the lot. The article is very nicely written. Much appreciated!!! Thanks for the share.

  8. lindaa


    Social media generate free and real traffic for your blog or website. It is easy to use.

  9. Sudipto


    Hey Kharim,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, social media sites are best way to promote our business and also helps in attracting new readers to our blog and drives traffic to our blog. It really helps in getting success in blogging.

  10. Sarvesh



    Well its clear that search engines are giving more importance to social media promotion… the more we have social signals to our blogs the more we get ranking.


  11. Kuldeep


    Thanks Kharim, for the boost, yes because I like so much, good post, it has so many points which is so useful for us, in our seo industry.. thanks for sharing it with us..

  12. Joe Rustafer


    We really need to get on the social media bandwagon. So far all we use is Facebook at our business.

  13. Ankit


    The P-P-P you’ve added to the Post title, I want to know if that helped you in terms of SEO. Please respond, I am working on a big experiment in this regard.

  14. Reply

    In social media marketing you need to talk about yourself 10% of the time, engage with others about what matters to them 90% of the time and listen 100% of the time.

  15. fadam


    Linkedin , facebook, twitter , which one do you think can give us more visitor? just one the best

  16. Luis


    Social Media is such a powerful force in SEO and marketing our product or website to people. We can reach much more people in our niche so much more quickly through social media.

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