A lot of people want to start an online business but taking the first step to do so is one of the biggest step and many end up falling before they can get their feet on the ground.

Why is that?

This is because it is really challenging to start an online business on a tight budget. But it doesn’t mean that you will fail if you have to start an online business with a budget.

Here are 5 tips to help you start an online business with a budget.

Work With What You Already Have

When starting an online business on a budget, it’s best to work with whatever resources that you have. When you do this, then you don’t have to go into your budget but you will be able to cut back on spending more than the usual amount to help you get started.

For example, if you want to design a logo when not use some free logo creator instead of hiring a graphics designer to create one for you.

If you are really serious about your online business and willing to make it your full-time career then you can hire a graphics designer later on when you start making money from your online business.

Save By Using Coupons

If you need to purchase things to help you start your online business then you can get coupons to help you stick within your budget.

When using coupons then you will be able to save so that you can stretch your money a little further.

Take for example Voucher King which offers Voucher Codes, Discount Voucher Codes and many more coupon codes to help you get started.

Purchase items with coupon codes and you will be able to save so you can have more money to take care of your online business.

Advertise Using FREE Methods

Your online business will be new and not much people may know about it. What you can do to get people to take notice of your new online business is to advertise.

Advertising can cost you hundreds or even thousand of dollars before you start getting customers. So when working with a budget, you would have to advertise for free.

How can you advertise your business for free?

Simple! You use social networking and social media sites. Sites like Facebook and Twitter has tons of people online interested in finding online businesses which cater to their needs.

Create a Twitter profile or a Facebook fanpage, then you can find friends and interested people to promote your online business services or products to.

Another thing that you can do is write guest posts on blogs related to your niche and leave a link in the article back to your online business.

You can even get cheap advertising as well for $5 on Fiverr.com and I am pretty sure that this will help to boost your new online business.

Domain & Hosting

Most time your budget won’t allow you to purchase hosting. But what you can do is use free hosting until you are able to purchase.

When I started this blog, I hosted it for free until I made the money to use Hostgator.

What I would strongly recommend though is to buy a domain name. Having your own domain instead of a sub-domain then it is easier for you to create a brand. You won’t have to be changing domain name as well when you start making money and decide to go professional with your online business.

Start Small And Then Grow

When starting your online business you can dream big, but you don’t have to start big.

If you start big then you will go over you  will go over your budget.

Start with using a great free theme on your website and also remember about the free logo you can create for yourself.

Try not to start off with a bang, but be a small business and then you can gradually grow into a bigger business.


  1. Isabella


    Very useful tips and well punctuated. Imi will be useful at the beginning of my business

  2. Simona


    Starting an online business and making it successful without investing too much money in it at start is a very hard thing to achieve but can be obtained with perseverance. I know that it can be done because friends of mine have done it and now they earn a living by keeping an online presence. Thank you for all the tips that you have listed and explained, they are very helpful.

  3. Sarvesh



    Well most of the online sites for products provide coupons, so we must utilize it to save some bucks.

    thanks for the tips.

  4. Dan


    What a wonderful article. You have the basic advice for someone that wants to start an online business. THanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work.

  5. Reply

    Before, I was afraid that online businesses might require budget too high to afford for me. But after reading this, i got some idea. Thanks a lot!

  6. lindaa


    I really impressed by the quality of information on this post. I will follow your unique and useful tips.

  7. Maegan Anderson


    Great article Kharim!I agree with you.You don’t really have to spend a lot of money in starting your online business,all you have to do is to take advantage of the free methods that you can use.Another thing is you must also have a “dream”. If you haven’t got a dream and the persistence to follow it through then you will fail, guarantied:)

  8. Rida Ali


    Nice post with great and easy tips for starting a on line business on budget.Thanks for sharing such a great tips.

  9. Stacey


    Online business on a budget? I would really love to try out these tips. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so psyched to share it out!

  10. Sudipto


    Hey Kharim,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips for saving money. Yes, coupons really helps in starting online business and facebook page is good way to promote our blog without wasting money.

    • Reply

      Hey Sudipto,

      Yep very true. Coupons help to save a lot especially in these tough economic times. And not only Facebook, but other social media sites as well are very good for promotion.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    i am totally agree with you point of view really this is amazing points and one of my fav point is Advertise Using FREE Methods really in fact advertising is great of way really every one are using, so thanks for sharing me

    • Reply

      Hey Mansi,

      Advertisements may cost tons of money these days. But once you use the free advertising methods which are available to the fullest, you can have some of the best traffic on your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. Reply

    Hello Kharim,

    Great article with some really good tips for starting an online business on a budget. Almost every successful achiever in history had to work his/her way to the top by tackling an up hill battle.

    But once you start reaping the benefits of success, you will look back and see that it was well worth it. The key is to have a big enough “Reason/Motivation” that you can reflect on daily to keep you pushing forward towards your longterm goals.

    • Reply

      Mello MsDsMiller,

      Awesome point that you made.

      A person should have the drive to blog and use social media to the full so as to get traffic. Write on a regular basis. Do whatever it takes to find the energy to make your blog success, and that hard work will pay off in the end.

      Thanks for the comment.

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