You Will NOT Become Rich!!!

Many new bloggers think that blogging is all about the money making and the riches that comes with it. But what about the true passion for blogging? What about the hard work that you have to put in driving traffic? What about the content writing? what about the marketing? What about the research? What about the brain storming? Last but not least, What about the money spending?

Do you think that if you make a blog without having accurate knowledge about your niche and true passion for it will make you rich? Absolutely not!!!

Knowing that you can make a great deal of money by blogging, it can be quite hard to keep your mind off the money while you blog. You have to have a strong mindset so that you can keep focused on blogging and not the money.


Work While On Vacation

Would you like to work while you are on vacation? No, I don’t think so. Neither would you like to be called off vacation to work.

I have come up with two (2) great ways that you can work while you are on vacation in this blogging world. I know you might be thinking that I am crazy to tell you to work while you are on vacation but this is a great way to also make money while you relax.

But before you go on vacation and enjoy yourself, you may need to do a little extra work. I did this and it worked great for me and saved me a great deal of work in the end.

Why You Don’t Make Money Online – [Video]

Have you ever wondered why people fail to make money online?

Making money online is a dream which all webmasters wish to achieve. But getting all caught up in the “making money online” can make you think less about building up your site. Your focus has changed from site building to money-making and this is why you make little or no money. Your focus has changed from site building to money-making and this is why you make little or no money or completely rely on easy cash advances.

Getting traffic to your site is no longer in mind. But without traffic coming to your site, how will you make money? Writing quality contents means nothing to you. If you have no quality content, little or no visitors will stay at your site.

Copying other people’s content and pasting it to your site is a fail and will not put money in your pocket. Visitors will say to themselves, “I have seen this same info on CNN” or “This site is trying to be like that site”, etc. Writing your own quality contents make your visitors want to come back to your site.


Making Money Online: Affiliate Marketing vs. Pay Per Clicks

Affiliate marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) are the most commonly used methods of earning commission for webmasters, but which is the better market to play in? PPC is probably one of the most widely used within blogs and news magazine sites, however, where does affiliate marketing come in?

Affiliate Marketing
Usually when you hear of affiliate marketing, you hear that you only get paid for every successful referral made. Well…, the truth is, it’s true. (more…)