Blogging is a major inseparable part of internet nowadays. It is a very hopeful and promising career for you if you think that you are an exemplary writer and can convince a reader with your way of writing.  This can help you to earn a handsome amount of money. Most of the people online are great bloggers and earn online by comfortably sitting at home.

As a writer, everyone knows what to write, from ecommerce how to guides online to basic recipe tutorials. However, a lot of folks are not aware of what not to write in their blogs. If you know what not to write, you should be able to attract a reader better. Here, you will read a few of the tips and ideas on what you should avoid while writing on your blogs. Have a look at these tips in shape of Blogging Blunders given below and embellish your way of writing to turn yourself into a successful blogger.

Never Neglect the Main Content – The Backbone of Your Blog

  • It is suggested that you avoid writing on topics about which you hardly know anything. This will upset the readers and the traffic to your blog will eventually reduce. Always choose a topic that you know very well or well researched.
  • You could avoid changing the theme of your blog once you are half way through the topic. This will leave your readers unpleased. Focus on the topic and do not deviate from it.
  • Never copy anyone’s style of writing. You will need to be original and creative. Write your own views to attract a large mass. Inventiveness is the basic essence of flourishing blogs.

Never Exceed the Word Limit

  • Never exceed 500 words. It becomes boring for a reader to read after this limit.
  • Avoid writing less than 300 words on a blog as it could leave your readers unsatisfied.

Avoid Irregularity

  • Its best that you avoid being irregular. There are merely a small number of bloggers who uphold the daily or weekly posts for their customers. If you want your blogs to be successful and sustain for years, then it is better to be regular.
  • If you are regular and provide a constant interesting reading material for your readers, they will naturally come daily to read your blogs.
  • It is best that you do not forget to update the day and time along with the name of the author. This is one of the most common mistakes that many bloggers make. However the blogging platforms like WordPress will give you these options by default.

Never Ignore Reader Comments

  • Avoid limiting yourself to just what you write. Try to know what your readers feel about your writing.
  • To gain interest of your readers, interact with them and ask them for their suggestions, reviews and about the amendments they would like to see. Always respond to your readers’ comments as well.
  • Avoid spam and maintain the comments that are posted.

Avoid Dark backgrounds and Long Paragraphs

Don’t pick a dark gloomy background, and then write on top of it, as it is too complicated to comprehend. Make small paragraphs and divide your blog into readable paragraphs.

Following these tips will help you increase the traffic to your blog. Apply these tips and see the difference.


  1. Alysha


    Blogs are very popular on the net these days. People make blogs for personal and professional needs. Many internet marketers can attest that blogging has truly helped them increase site traffic and eventually make their web sites more popular. Profitable blogging can only be fully experienced by internet marketers if they adhere to the correct ways of writing weblogs by reading blogging guides. Thanks to u.

  2. MNB Achari


    Thanks for the 5 smart rules. A wonderful article! I like the idea you mentioned. A post should be between 300 and 500 words.

  3. Reply

    It’s a good thing to use this blogging because it helps a lot in some of our businesses online. Just hope there’ll be a better way to protect us from scams online.

  4. summerhathway


    I am doing most of the things you mentioned except for one small thing. I am very irregular.

  5. Erni


    Nice post/Blog, I’m on learn SEO/IM, thanks for sharing.Thanks ya, Erni

  6. Philppe


    We all know that blogging is important to a company’s marketing strategy in attracting users. It has been seen that blogs drive traffic to your website and can have the potential to increase the number of sales your company attains. However, in order to produce a successful blog, there are some mistakes that everyone need to avoid.

  7. Jon


    I have to disagree with the “Never exceed 500 words” – sometimes you need more to get the message across properly. With good use of headers or post nav you can write a lot more than 500 words and still hold the reader’s interest.

    • Reply

      I have to agree with you as well Jon. The longest post that I had written is over 2,000 words and it was well appreciated.

      You sometimes have to write lots of words to get your point across as you say and to also make your post well organized with the right words.

  8. Marian


    Hi, Crystal! Thanks for sharing these tips with us. They are really useful and every blogger should take your advice.

  9. Reply

    I really agree with your tips, Crystal. I am doing most of the things you mentioned except for one small thing. I am very irregular. I know it’s a sin but I guess I lack motivation. I’m never going to get my blog off the ground by being irregular.

  10. Reply

    There are some great tips in here. I didn’t count but there has got to be a lot more than 500 words in this post, and the advice given in the post says don’t write more than that number. I think worrying about the number of words in a blog post is secondary to making sure that your content has redeeming value. I will be back to read more from this blog. Thanks!

  11. Reply

    Keeping in touch with your readers, even if it is just by responding to comments they leave, is a good method to build a dependable base with them. And stopping by and seeing what people have to say or question may lead to more content for you to wright, or simply inspire you to try something new.

  12. Reply

    Nice points. Thanks for sharing with us. I think if any one love to read others blog than its not matter whethere it is 500+ or not.

  13. Megan Brown


    Hi Crystal like this and also impressed with you view i.e.

    “If you know what not to write, you should be able to attract a reader better”

    As if we know what not to write than it simple that what we write is meaningful and useful and this will obviously attract readers.

    Thus thanks a lot for this important sharing and tips too.

  14. Becca


    I agree to know what your readers feel about your writing. Readers has a big role when it comes to your blog traffic.

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