Bloggers come in various kinds. There are ones who are blogging just for the heck of it, to earn some easy money (there is never easy money to be had in blogging), there are others who blog just for the love of blogging and then there are others who are honest and dedicated towards their blogging efforts and believe in offering readers valuable information that helps them make informed decisions about a particular subject.

Whatever the nature of the blogger and their blogging efforts, their aim is to make their blogs as popular as possible. One of the easiest ways of making this possible is by answering comments. Yes, those comments that readers post after they read an article on your blog. Surprisingly, not many bloggers make it a habit to reply to comments.

Improves Credibility

Replying to the comments improves your credibility. The very fact that you take time out to answer any doubts that a reader might have about your blog post or defend any criticism, means you are keen on defending your reputation as a blogger and an expert. This fact is duly noted by readers, who look at your blog with renewed respect. Don’t underestimate the ability of your readers to judge the integrity of your blogging efforts. If you are able to measure up on their reckoning, you improve your chances of blogging success.

Noticed by Search Engines

Search engine algorithms just love some activity happening on a blog or a website. The posting of comments and replying to them is the kind of activity that won’t be overlooked by them. All the backlinks and keywords generated through the comments sections are going to make your blog popular on the search engine rankings. This again, is going to make your blog very popular.

A relationship building exercise

Comments are a means of having a fluid conversation between specific people. An interesting comment can be the basis for starting a conversation with a person. How often have we seen a debate raging between commentators on a blog? People have definite opinions about certain subjects and topics and if they hear something to the contrary, they are willing to defend it or start a discussion about it. There are cases where people who are not really interested in reading the article, are actually sucked into the discussion taking place in the comments section. So, keep replying to kick start new relationships through discussions.

Now, tell me that isn’t good news for your blog.

Increases your Support Base

Comments that are supportive of your blog post are more than welcome. The fact that you are putting forth ideas that are finding resonance amongst your readers is a big plus for your blog. This is again good news for your blog and a situation that is configured to bringing new readers to your blog, who will post comments, which you can then reply to. The fact that a blogger has taken time out to reply to their comments is appreciated by users, which in turn helps build a loyal readership for the blog.

Keeps your blog active, in the absence of new blog posts

There is no doubt that you need to keep making regular blogs posts, if you want to attract readers and improve traffic to your blog. But, your replies to the comments on your blog posts and a continuing discussion on the merits and demerits of the post happening in the comments sections, will take some pressure off you in terms of making a new post regularly; because your blog continues to attract readers through its comments.

So don’t ignore comments. Replying to them hardly takes up any time and the dividends can be reaped for a long time to come.


  1. Reply

    Hello, Hazel Raoult,

    Will you reply to my comment on your article because I read the whole article and you explained many benefits of replying to the comments?

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    You did a very good job and you just eased the word for any new SEO student who want to learn it for professional purpose and please carry on your work. Thanks

  3. Raja Ram Paneru


    It needs to build relationship with user. For this reply of comment is very important.

  4. Reply

    Comments that are supportive of your blog post are more than welcome. The fact that you are putting forth ideas that are finding resonance amongst your readers is a big plus for your blog.

  5. Ecommerce Marketing


    I am totally agree with all those benefits. That is really good to make a network by reply comments on blogs. Usually some does not like it all and so it losses its creditability for sure over the search engines.

  6. Rahul kuntala


    Well. I’m in dilemma. I usually respond to only few comments on my blog posts. But I always respond to those who really need suggestions from me. I am not finding enough time to respond to their comments.

    I don’t know how you & Ileane are taking time to respond to most of the comments along with creating great stuff. Need your tips…

  7. Reply

    Commenting and replying to the comments are very important. This will surely build a good relationship and i n a way it will increase the number of viewers also. When you are replying to the comments, they will feel that they are answered and they are taken a good care. They will definitely visit again.

  8. Philppe


    This was really an interesting article. The entire age and popularity of guest books from the late 1990′s led us to the idea of having comments from other people everywhere, especially on our blogs. Keep up the good work.

  9. Lisa


    Is there any point in replying to blog posts that are clearly spam, and others trying to put backlinks.

    By replying to their comments is there really an SEO benefit?

  10. Reply

    Wow, what a great article. It’s so critical to reply to comments yet so many bloggers totally neglect it. Replying to comments assures readers that someone IS minding the store and further entices them to come back.

  11. Marian


    🙂 Do you know what bothered me lately? Finding a solution, an alternative for posting articles daily and now, thanks to you, I’ve found it: replying to comments.

  12. Maja


    For regular blogging activities and to get the attention of the readers, it is very necessary to reply the comments.More visitors will be attracted towards blog.

  13. Marketing Philosophy


    I agree with all the others, replying to comments makes the readers of your blog feel that there is actually a real person behind this blog who cares about what their visitors have to say or even help them…

  14. Paneru


    When you reply comment on your blog, that means you really care your reader. It helps to pull the reader for a long time in your blog.

  15. Enstine Muki


    Yes bro. bloggers must learn to converse with their readers. It keeps them coming again and again

  16. Akishya


    You are definitely right about this thing Hazel. When you are blogging, it is your obligation and responsibility to send reply to all the comments. In this way, it is more personal and makes you visible to all your blogs. It is the way of conversing with your traffic.

  17. Reply

    Indeed, replying to comments is the best way to build relationship with your readers, your followers. It makes the readers feel that their thought was respected, so it help to increase the number of Returning Visitors – just like we come to a coffee shop everyday although its coffee is not the best or the price is the cheapest, but because the “familiar feeling” when the shop owner say “hi Alex” when you enter and give you your favourite cup of coffee with a smile!

  18. Sam


    Indeed, replying to comments on the blog is a very good method of making your readers and commenters – your friends; which is something really important and can be of great use. Hehe, reply to my comment! hehe. Keep up the good work!

    • Reply

      You should update your blog whenever you have the time. You can post everyday, every other day or every week. It depends on the type of content that you supply on your blog and how well you optimize your blog for SEO purposes.

  19. Reply

    yes above information is very true……..and all points are very necessary ……mainly it is important to build up relationships with different different people.

  20. PalmCoastPlantation


    As a blog webmaster, I love comments and I can’t wait to post a reply as soon as possible.

    As a blog commentor, I love subscribing and waiting for replies to my comments. I am surprised not everyone works in this way.

    I often scratch blogs off my list because the webmaster just seems to go dormant. I hope they happen upon this article so they might see the error in their ways!

  21. Megan Brown


    As per me one main reason is that by replying on regualr basis we build strong relationship with reader or audience as they feel satisfied that we have valued them and their comment.

    Anyway thanks a lot for sharing other too which is also important.

  22. Reply

    I totally agree, Hazel. It keeps the ball rolling and it makes the people who commented feel that you value their comments. We have to remember that these people are helping us get seen in the web and if we turn our backs on them, we’ll lose them.

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