As we, bloggers knew that content marketing is potential to drive up more traffic to our blog. Also, as every blogger knew that content is “Kind of blog”, since they used their blog post to do everything about small business blogging such as getting traffic, building relationship, and making sales.

However, even almost of us knew that it’s really important to use blog content as tool for gaining every successful of blogging, but many bloggers are still not able to get highly effective from using their blog content marketing techniques.

Actually, I’m not meaning that those bloggers are not able to write quality blog contents, but I’m trying to explain that those people missed some brilliant techniques that pull them to reach the purposes.

I said above because I used to have the same experience, when I’m trying to increase more traffic to my blog. You know..? I’m really sucked and down, whenever I published a new article — I just got some few visitors who read my blog post, and I got only few social media shared from those people who read my blog’s article.

I was really disappointed with my achievement, and I was really wondering about why other famous bloggers gain millions of traffic, and over thousands social media sharing every time they published new article on their blog.

Anyway, have you ever wondering what brilliant content marketing techniques are those bloggers currently using..?

Sure, I was really wondering about those until I understand about how those bloggers work.

If you go to some famous’ blogs such as Rebekah, Addriene, Ryan Buddish, and Jetbuffer, you’ll see that those bloggers got over hundred blog comment, and thousand social media sharing of their blog post. I would guarantee that those bloggers are not going to get less than 100k for each article they published.

They did the brilliant job, right..?

Sure, of course. They are.

By the way, have you ever learnt something behind those wonderful blogging tactics that those bloggers work for their blog posts?

Actually, I have learnt 8 main facts that those bloggers used it as blog marketing strategies, and driving up massive traffic to their blog’s contents.

Here 8 great content marketing techniques that those they used, though.


#1 — Attraction

Well, what I learnt about those bloggers is that they are good at making attraction to their readers — I promise when visited those above three bloggers’ blogs, you may relied that those bloggers are professional, and you’re going to trust on them for sure.

For reason is that those all above are attractive blogs, because its owner knew exactly about what to make their blog interesting — they made the friendly design that those attract readers’ attention, even it’s the first time visiting.

Of course, it is not directly related to content marketing techniques that those will give more thousand social media shared, and more than 100k traffic. However, ever those are not an element that help directly, but unless readers are not going to quite your blog, if they haven’t yet to read your article.

If you want to get more shared of your blog posts, you have to make sure that important element such as social media sharing button is complete done with right ways.

You know..? I’ve gone through some newbie bloggers’ articles, and some of them have a lot wonderful articles. Unfortunately, I haven’t shared those articles to my social networking because I’m not convenience for sharing those— I couldn’t find any social media button, or sometime those buttons was not working when I clicked on it.

Another issue is that those bloggers use ShareThis social media plugin, it require me to have an account in order to share the articles through that plugin — yeah..! You know..? It’s completely wrong thinking to use the above plugin because not all readers have own ShareThis account, or they have enough time for registering it, and share your blog post.

The last mistake is that wrong place optimizing of their social media button, since they placed it on less impressive target on their blog — the most of readers shared your article after reading it, thus I think that the best place is under post, or you can use float optimized.

Did you trust on what I said, anyway..?

I swear..! I’m not lying. You could try to recognize this yourself, whenever you’ve visited famous bloggers’ blogs. You’ll be able to find that those bloggers are currently using premium theme, and social media button.

Moreover, some of those famous bloggers spent more money on social media service such as analysis, and tracking report of readers who clicked on their social shared buttons.

So, what you have to do to get inspire like those people..?

The first thing I would recommend is that to grab premium theme for your blog, trust me. Please do not worry about spending much investment because you will never waste your money for using of premium theme.

Also, you will not spend much money for grabbing premium and getting professional because it’s now not expensive — you just spend around $30 to $50 member’s access such as Junkie Theme or Elegant Theme.

Secondly, you have to optimize your social media sharing for friendly and attractive sharing. I’m using currently Addthis plugin because it is free, and especially I could gather some information about social engagement.

I would recommend you to place your share buttons on 2 target of your post — first you have to put your button under your post because your readers will easy to find those buttons when they finished their reading.

Another place is on the left of your post, I may recommend using float option because readers always return left many time when reading each sentence of article.

Also, you have to make sure that your button is completely optimized for attractive placing. Moreover, test mobile accessing of your blog to make sure that those buttons are still attractive even readers access your blog through their mobile device.

#2 — Catch Eyes

You ready dressed your blog, and it’s now looking friendly to your reading, I assumed that. So, the next step to get brilliant content marketing techniques is writing — you’ve got to catch your readers’ eyes.

Absolutely, without reading your blog post, no readers will share your blog content excepted that those readers are your friends. Hence, only a single job that really important is that to pull your readers, and forced them to read your articles.

So, what you have to do is that to use your article to catch your readers’ eyes — to get them stay on your blog, and getting start reading your article.

There were many techniques to do this, but here I’m going to share your some tactics that I always use for writing my blog post.

Using headlines

Have you ever been using headlines for separate your article..? Said yes..! Congratulation, you have done it right way. However, if you said “NO”, you have to start learning about using of headlines.

Headline is important element that empowers your article. You know..? The readers have bad habit when they came online, and reading your blog post — they first scrolled up and down for reading your headlines.

If you have attractive headlines in your articles that make readers sense about your article, they’ll stay on your blog post, and getting start reading.

However, if you article headlines are not make them sense about related information, they’ll quite reading and find out more article on other places — it’s an important bad habit that you have to know about your readers.

Be careful about introduction

Did you believe that readers will leave your article, after they read your first one or two sentences?

Sure..! I’m saying for real. It’s my own experience, and what I learn from Rebekah.

Would you believe this, by the way..?

You know, baby..? Your content introduction is significantly important for getting readers stays on reading your blog tips. They read some few sentences of your introduction, and they try to make sense about what information your article is covering.

If they think that your article contain what they are looking for, or your article is useful information that those important to those readers, they continue reading and find more about what they need.

What brilliant content marketing tips you want share me here, you asked..?

Nothing at all, I’m sorry..! Even though, I don’t have any advices that guarantee to make readers keep on reading, but I’ve got some ideas to brainstorm this.

Anyway, what are you thinking when your read 2 or 3 sentences of this article?

I believe that you may think that this article will explain your about how to marketing your blog, and other tactic of using content for marketing. Right..?

Of course, absolutely I am…

So, only single thing that you have to keep in mind when you’re write introduction is that you have to explain your readers about what your article is covering — you have to write some briefs benefits of your tips, or you may write some problems issued related to your topics.

You need to provide your readers some briefs solution in your introduction before you’re going to give them more detail about it. Or you can ask question related the issued problems related to your topic inside.

The reason that you have to do this is that you’ve got to make your sense about your tips, if it’s related to what they are looking for. I promise that you will stay longer time for reading.

Break down your article

Reading is like you are eating pizza. I believe that you may not eat a whole your pizza, but break it down in small pieces of slice and eat those one by one.

I would tell you another bad thing of your readers that those all you’ve got to learn — your readers did not do completely reading of your blog post, but they just scan for some interested parts of your article or information of your tips (A piece of Pizza).

You know..? I used to do so. Sometime, I got online, and visited some bloggers’ blogs, or I went through social media networks, and clicked other bloggers post links.

I don’t care that those are professional, or newbie bloggers but I care about their tips. If they share me about the interesting topic, I’ll go through those posts — I’ll open it up, and take a look to those articles.

I said “go through..!”, Yeah, sure..! I open it up and read some piece of those articles, and I try to understand about the concept of what those bloggers are trying to explain me — I’ll keep reading, if I could make sense about what interested inside those articles.

Sometime, I quite reading those articles because they are hard to go through (scan) — I am not robot, but I need to save my time for doing my job.

Well, you see what my method for reading your article. I believe that 80 percent of your readers are doing the same ways to me when read your article.

An absolute job that you have to do is that to help your readers in scanning your blog post, you need to break down your article into small paragraphs like a pizza.

Furthermore, you have to make your sentence short because it makes readers easy, and not to confuse while reading your posts. Oop..! No, scanning your article.

Again, you have to keep in mind when you’re writing — they are scanning your article.

Attract human emotion

Anybody, could you guest what element that those are able to attract human emotion fastest..?

It is image..! Am I right..? If you think that it’s a wrong answer, would you please leave some reasons at the bellow comment form.

Please let me explain you about image inside your blog post.

Actually, image is really important and potential tool for attract human emotion. Readers are able to make sense about your article whenever they see image of your post.

Sometime, they shared your article without reading inside content, but because they feel that images are attractive to them — the image went deeply inside their emotion very, and very fast.

By spending your time for find beautiful images related to your article, doing some optimize of those images is a pretty ideas for reaching awesome content marketing purposes.

Write Conclusion

Well, go through, scan, and image. Did you believe that those elements really educate your readers? Actually, it isn’t. The above elements are just help readers to make sense about the content, attract interesting from them.

So, it’s not enough reason that pulls your readers to share your content — they are not completed educate, and understand about what you wrote.

Another important factor to make great content marketing techniques is that to explain about the context of your blog tips. You have to write the conclusion that those all are the remarkable opinions which help your readers to understand about what your context.

You need to include all remarkable advises, and brief education to make readers get whole understanding of content.

#3 — Quality

I separated 2 different between quality content and content that catch readers’ eyes, because I want to share about of different conceptions.

Quality content means any article that is fulfill education purpose that help your readers to improve better education, life experience improvement, or any business solution. However, the catch eyes article is just only article that attract readers’ attention, and make them stay on reading.

So, first you have to make them stay on reading, and then you’ve to teach them about something that they are looking for.

When you online, and reading blog’s article. I believe that you are looking for useful information, but just only the article that look professional writing style and beautiful image inside.

You want to learn something that educated you about your business solution, or any problems issued in your life — you want to know how to fix those problems, or make it better. Isn’t it..?

What is quality article that your readers want it…?

Actually, it depends on the situation, and level of education of your readers.

If they’re expertise person with highly education, and professional experience, they will look only for some concept that those can help them to brainstorm some new ideas, or solution.

However, if your readers are simple person — they may looks for any article that provided them step by step guides for doing thing better. The completely basic guides will be needed for those kinds of readers.

What are great content marketing techniques for above 2 different kinds of readers..?

I think that the guys who could answer this question is your readers, hence you have to spend your time to learn about what your readers want from your blog.

Also, you may need some software that those are able to help your to understand about your readers such as what kind of contents are the most interesting from them.

You have to track your social media signal to get know that what is the most shared of your readers, and how many clicked whenever you shared those contents to social networking (BufferApp, and AddThis are work for me).

I want to write completely detail about this session (How to write quality content), but I think that I will make this article longer than 20 pages. Thus, I decided to brief only some important point about it, but you check my old tips about SEO Blog Content Writing that help to make both Google and readers love your article.

If interest more about this, please let me know by leaving comment bellow the article. I would appreciate in write more related article to support you.

#4 — Call to Action

Call to Action (CTA) is brilliant content marketing strategies that pull your readers to do something about what you want. Some internet marketers said CTA is process prompt your readers to click on banners, text linked, or enter subscription form to get in down page conversion funnel.

If you want to make readers share your article, you have to integrate CTA tactics in your article such as write some emotion and attractive sentences to ask to them to click on your share button.

What are CTA strategies that help me to do this, you asked..?

Anything you want, my answer. So, whatever you write about, you have to keep in mind about to make reader`s learn something interesting and make them want to share those information.

Also, you can write some attraction sentences such as “Share value with your friends, just one click on bellow button…!”,  “Please support writer, just click one share button…!”, or “Anything you think that good…”.

Another tactic is that you can integrate some useful quotes related to your article, I think that TweetThis plugin would be recommend of Call to Action.

#5 — Syndicate

Content syndication is a clever content marketing tactics.  It’s able to repeat traffic to your blog through many referral sources. I’m not talking about social bookmarking, or community link submission but I’m going to mention about PDF, Audio Broadcom, and video marketing.

And here the following process of how to syndicate your content

First (PDF), you have to convert your blog post to PDF files, and PDF presentation. You can upload those to online document such as Slideshare, Scribd, Docstoc, and so on. Whenever readers go online, and find related documents through those online libraries, you will be able to gain opportunity of getting presented — you have to make sure that those documents you uploaded contain the information of your blog, or linked to original sources of your articles.

Secondly (Audio) is that you have to convert your post into audio files, or recode your presentation. You have to repeat the same process by uploading those audio to Broadcom websites like Itune, Soundcloud, and somewhere else.

I think that the most of those Broadcom websites allow writing of description for your audio files, so you have to leave some friendly text to describe about the content about the sources of audios — it has to be your blog article.

You have to make sure that you’ve placed keywords into those descriptions because those audio files were indexed by search engines, you will get more chance in listing.

Finally (Video) is Youtube and other media library. As I remember, Youtube is most sources of blog traffic. You know..? There were more 10 billion active users who find online media every single day, so using Youtube and other media sources are great ways to improve content marketing effective.

You’ve converted your post to PDF presentation, right..? You can use some Screen Recording software to record your presentation — I used Camtasa, it is work well for me. Save it as video files, and upload to those media platform such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Vomme, and so on. I would guarantee that you will be able to get more traffic from those video, if you foll.

A bonus tips

You also can combine your blog posts, and make it as eBook library such as,, and so on. You will gain more traffic from your links inside PDF content as well as author profile links, moreover those websites are high quality website — you will get quality backlinks from eBook author profile.

#6 — Promote

The most important fact of best content marketing techniques is to promote it. Please imagine that you’ve written a highly classified quality blog post, but you lacked of delivering those quality article to the right target readers.

So, do you believe that you content will be able to reach out the marketing purpose? Sure, you’ll not be able to gain traffic or any social media spreading.

A single thing that you have to do is that to promote your blog’s content. You have to promote, promote, and promote it until it reached the purposes.

But where to promote those articles marketing..?

I got the common answer same to other internet marketing, social media platforms are the best for presenting your blog’s post.

Hence, you have to find out the people who will interest in your article through Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so on.

You’ll need to connect with those people, build up the communication and using relationship strategies to pull them to spread your contents.

You have to use social media tools such Hootsuite, Tweetdesk, or BufferApp to schedule your articles multi times on those social networks — it’s single thing that help you to get more present on social media networks.

Aside for social media platforms, also you can promote your article through blog comment. You know..? Blog commenting is another free, and effective for promoting content marketing — techniques are just only what I learnt from the way did wrong, but implements of those, it depends on you.

Remembers, whenever you use commenting and social media to promote your blog contents, you have to keep in mind that you need a relationship.

Therefore, you have to learn about how to build relationship with your audience through using blog communication, and social media.

#7 — Getting Listed

What does it means, getting listed..? Actually, I want to mention about the opportunity to list on high position of search engines listing such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The best content marketing techniques must go viral, it means that you have to be attractive to readers and convenience those readers who read the article to share it. However, I think that it’s not enough for the purpose, and call it brilliants.

It has to be highly classified successful article marketing that reach 100k traffic from organic search, it’s able to win other marketers’ articles, and listed on better position.

So, you’ve to integrate some friendly SEO writing tactics, in orders make those articles stand in front of the front page of Google, and other search engines.

SEO is not really difficult as what webmasters though, your just spend some to research about keywords, and its competitive rate.

Optimize friendly SEO for your blog content, and doing some backlinks building for those article — it’s really enough for ready listing.

#8 — Dial

The last recommendation is that to setup a dial with your readers.

What do I mean setup a dial..?

I mean that you’re going to take it, or you’re going to leave this..? Actually, I learnt about those techniques when I visited some bloggers’ articles. I found that those bloggers are currently using SocialLocker plugin.

With that plugin, it allows you to lock some contents or resources from your readers. However, those readers could unlocked those contents, or resources by just click on Tweet, Share, or PlusOne buttons.

Well, it’s a bit route to ask readers like this, but it work for me.

I always convert my blog post into PDF files, and used SocialLocker plugin to lock those resources. I asked readers to download PDF files, if they don’t have enough for reading the post online.

You know, friends..? It’s the first time that I got around 900 plus social media shared of my blog content, after I used that above plugins.

Don’t waste your time…?  If you followed the tips #5 of this article, you will ready have resources for getting start social locking. Why don’t you try it..?


Whenever you read the above step, I think that you may feel boring about my brilliant content marketing techniques because you have a lot of works need to be done.

However, it’s the really things that internet marketers or bloggers did it for marketing campaign because content marketing is more writing articles.

It is the process of using article to build relationship with readers, it needs to take much time for promote your article, and marketing your business. So, to success with those above is to keep calm and continue your work by repeating your process.

You have to learn about what wrong, and make it right..! J


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      Matija, First I want to you to know that I’m appreciate your comment here…

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      Luca, you’re welcome..! Sure, blog headlines is really important for both readers and search engines. You know..? As I mention above on this post, headlines will make readers skip your content if you did wrong with those.

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      Ryan, thanks for your comment and question…! 🙂 Actually, I’ve visited your blog and I found that it is a bit new blog. I think that it take time for improving visible, thus I good recommendation is that to keep continue your work. Please focus on social media marketing and provided more quality content. You know..? The key of SEO success is to patient..! 🙂

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