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Guest blogging and Twitter are two great ways of getting traffic to your blog, but not only that, you can get great targeted traffic which is the best kind of traffic every blog needs. This can also help us to gain exposure by guest blogging and also tweeting if we do it the right way.

Blogging and Twitter go hand in hand. We tweet about our blogs and our blogs attract Twitter followers.

So what do a Guest post and the Retweet button have in common?

Why Guest Post?

Well the purpose of a guest post is to gain exposure.  Many bloggers are looking to post articles on popular blogs in hopes that people will link back to their blog.  Typically, bloggers find other blogs within their niche to link back to.  A great way to increase traffic and comments to your blog is to leverage the success of another blog within your niche. 

Having your name and your content on a popular blog helps develop credibility; readers automatically think “if the author of this blog posted someone else’s content on their page it must be good.” 

So What’s Up With The Retweet Button?

The Retweet button is like Twitter’s version of a copy and paste.  You like something someone else tweeted and you want to share it with your followers.  By doing this, the person you Retweeted is notified plus your followers view the content as well. 

Retweeting builds a connection between you and the person you Retweeted.  It builds a connection between your Retweet and your followers.  This connection has the potential to make you a resource, your followers will know they can trust you to Tweet/Retweet exciting, helpful information and the people you Retweet will be grateful that you are sharing their content with additional viewers that may not be in their network. 

Did You Catch The Common Ground?  No?

Ok, the commonality between a Guest Post and the Retweet button is that it develops exposure.  After a Guest Post and a Retweet your name appears in more than one place, offering more avenues for people to get to know you, check out your blog, and follow you on Twitter. 

There is a powerful level of synergy between blogging and Twitter; a Guest Post and the Retweet button raise the bar. 

The common goal is to share what we know.  We all learn from each other, so why not give credit where is credit is due?

Guest Post and the Retweet button provide individual recognition.  Face it, we all enjoy a little praise here and there, so why not be recognized for sharing what you know, better yet,  what you’ve learned. 

In Conclusion…

Want the best way to get recognized fairly quickly, while giving credit to others?  Start ReTweeting and Guest Posting today!


  1. Reply

    You know, I’ve never been a huge Twitter user, but you do make a compelling point – it gains exposure, just like guest blogging.

    • Chelsea Thomas


      Hey Kelli,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yea you should definitely look in to twitter, its a great network.

  2. Jeremy


    The retweet idea is powerful, however, it’s only true when you are an authority blogger and have people create an own list to watch what you say on their Twitter. For example, most authority bloggers, I created a list called “Gurus” for them and I often listen to what they say. So if they retweet something, the link may get better chanced clicked. However, if someone retweets you doesn’t stand out much, your link will not get much exposure. What do you think?

    • Chelsea Thomas


      Hi Jeremy,

      I disagree. The RT button puts your link infront of eyes that may have not been seen on your twitter account. By one of your followers or even a person not following you ReTweeting your link allows you to reach people not in your twitter circle. It essentially helps you gain exposure. Yes a person may not click on the link because you may not be considered a guru, however it does put your name out there and the more RTs the more chances you have for your link to be clicked on.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Reply

    There are various techniques which bloggers use to get traffic and I agree Chelsea, Guest Post is one of those techniques. I’m not sure how the re-tweet button works for traffic since I use only facebook but I’ve read dozens of Guest Posts and impressed by the strong content I never missed the chance to link back to that blog to know more about the blog, so, from my personal experience I know Guest Posting is a brilliant idea. I’ve also come across some bloggers effectively using Press Releases to get traffic through comments.

    • Chelsea Thomas


      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, there are so many great guest blogs out there and the content from those blogs is just an added incentive to link back to the blog blonging to the author of the guest post.

      Guest posting is also just a fun and quick way to meet new people in the blogging community and grow your network.

  4. Jk Allen


    Hi Chelsea,

    Great job sharing the power between guest posting and Retweeting.

    I can attest the power of both. They not only generate buz, but they are great at helping build new relationships and strengthen established ones.

    I haven’t done a ton of guest posting myself but when I have, the results have been great. I do use the RT button often.The combination of these two things have been great in helping me build my community.

    Thank you Chelsea for the great tips!

  5. Reply

    Hey Chelsea thanks for wonderful guest post.

    For one thing I can say is that using Twitter and Guest posting has put my blog in front of new targeted traffic and I enjoy doing both. These are great tips and thanks again. 😉

    • Chelsea Thomas


      No Prob Kharim! Your blog is awesome. I’ve read a lot of great post here. You were actually what prompted me to step up and guest post. Thanks a lot!

  6. Anonymous


    Great job on explaining the connection that these two share. Keep up the good work.

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