Which Social Media Site Rules?

I have been using social media sites to drive traffic to my blog ever since I started blogging for the past 3 months and I notice that not all of them brings me traffic.

This led me to to ask this question, “Which Social Media Site Rules?”

There are numerous amount of social media sites popping up all over the web and some of them brings major traffic to your site. But which one of them is best for driving traffic?


Using The Big F For Promotion- Facebook

You got a F. You should use it. I am not talking about the word fail or the f on a test paper. I am talking about Facebook.

Facebook has managed to become a standard for all other social networking sites. Offering a staggering amount of apps, games and extras, this Web site is currently the second most popular in the United States (Alexa, March 2010). That is one popular social networking site. When you consider the sheer amount of traffic this Web site reaches, you might start to get a few ideas. Learn how to use Facebook for promotion, and harness some of that popularity for yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use social networking to drive more traffic to your pages and earn more income? Well, you can. Learn how to use Facebook in a way that will help you boost your Web site’s money-making abilities. (more…)