Goodbye 2013…. Hello 2014!

I hope the new year has been treating you good so far.

As for me and this blog, I have been doing good but busy and as for the blog it has been doing fine as well.

I have put together for you the top articles on my blog for 2013. In cased you have missed any of the posts listed below then I urge you to read them so that you can stay ahead of your blogging game for 2014.

The articles listed below includes the introduction of the post. If you like the introduction to the article then feel free to read the whole article so that you can get full benefit and added knowledge.

[box type=”spacer”]Top 10 Blog Posts For 2013[/box]

[box type=”red”]7 Awesome Blogging Tips For Newbie Bloggers[/box]

One of my main reasons for creating this blog is to help new bloggers on their road to blogging success.

In my recent articles, I have seen tons of new bloggers thanking me for the wonderful articles that I have been writing which has helped them and their blog out in great ways.

Once again I would like to thank them for commenting on my blog and also welcome to to the blogosphere.

This article that you are now reading has vital information for you, if you are a new blogger and also information which can help to benefit existing bloggers to put life inside their blog.

[box type=”red”]Successful Bloggers – Things That I Have Noticed About Them[/box]

Since the beginning of the year 2013, I have been noticing the things which bloggers have been doing to become a successful blogger and making money from their blogs.

I was thinking to myself while browsing a few blogs and this post came to my mind and this is the reason why I am posting it so that my readers can read my thoughts.

I am not sure how this article will turn out, not sure how long or short it will be and I am not sure of the responses that I may get, but all I know is that my brain is overflowing with knowledge right now. So I am just going to write what I have learned and notice by browsing through some successful blogs.

[box type=”red”]6 Tricks To Be A Successful Blogger[/box]

What does it mean to be a successful blogger? Is this a person whose blog has thousands of readers? Or maybe this is the one, who does blogging not for a hobby but for making money? Anyway, every blogger wants to be recognizable and successful, so, he is ready to do everything to make his blog one of the best on the web.

Interesting and useful articles of your blog are not enough to make it really good and popular. The work of your blog should be optimized, and you should constantly work on it.

These 6 tricks will help you become successful in blogging.

[box type=”red”] 4 Things I Would Never Do To Get Traffic To My Blog[/box]

Bloggers and webmasters who have a low traffic coming to their blog would do lots of things to build up their traffic. Especially some of the new bloggers these days.

When a blog or website has high traffic then it goes to show the level of success that this person has had in building up their site. Lots of traffic to a site can also mean the person is earning money from his/her site as well. That is a dream that many of us have as bloggers and webmasters, to have a site with high traffic and making money from it.

I would do lots of things to have such success, but here are 4 things that I would never do to get traffic to my blog.

[box type=”red”]How a Change of Attitude Tripled My Writing Earnings[/box]

You are a freelance writer and you do not believe in yourself? Yes! Some writers have the morbid feeling that they are not good enough to earn fat pays. They just erroneously feel others are by far better than they are. So what happens? They settle down for the crumbs and allow others to feed fat from the main dish. This attitude invariably affects their writing earnings.

I had this problem myself and felt lightly depressed for the period the loathsome feelings lasted. I saw the likes of Darren Rowse, John Chow, Ileane Smith, Jane Sheeba, etc. as the only people who could communicate effectively, and so earn good money. But I was totally wrong.

If you have been thinking the same way I thought, then you must know that you are better than so many writers out there who are earning big. All you need is a change of attitude toward yourself. Stop underrating yourself! Stop this “I am not good enough” attitude of yours and face reality. YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER.

[box type=”red”]Simple Tricks To Increase Your Google PageRank (PR)[/box]

Google PageRank is a very important aspect when it comes to determining how popular your website, or each individual page is in Google’s eyes.

A good PageRank can help to increase traffic and in turn, this will mean more visitors, more leads, more sales and in the end greater profit. There are a number of tactics and tricks that you can use in making your PageRank better and as high as possible.

[box type=”red”]5 Do’s And Don’t Which Can Make Your Blogging Career Successful[/box]

When it comes to being successful then you must follow certain do’s and don’t in order to reach a level of success. It doesn’t matter the field that you are in, once you start practicing the don’t side of things, then success is more than likely to come your way.

Would you like to become a successful blogger?

Even when it comes to blogging the same principle applies. If you want to become a successful blogger then you must apply some do’s and don’t on your blog to get there.

In this article I am going to discuss 5 do’s and don’t that you can apply on your blog if you want it to be successful.

[box type=”red”]How To Achieve Blogging Success Within 6 Months[/box]

If you are new to blogging and want to be successful then you are reading the post that will help you to do so.

There are millions of blogs currently online and the reason why you don’t know that they exist is because they aren’t successful.

This means they hardly have any buzz around their blog or no traffic at all.

It’s like their blog is dead.

Do you have a blog that doesn’t have any traffic and not generating any buzz around it?

Keep calm and read this post to the end. I am going to show you how to make your blog successful with these effective tips.

(Please don’t just read the tips and expect blogging success, apply them to your blog)

[box type=”red”]16 Horrible Mistakes I Made While Blogging[/box]

I have been blogging for over 3 and a half years now, you may think that everything is going well with me pertaining to blogging, not making any mistakes.

Well that statement isn’t true.

While blogging I made tons of mistakes and in this post I will show you the type of blogging mistakes that I made.

[box type=”red”]5 Things That You Can Do If You Are Out Of Blog Post Ideas[/box]

There comes a time when a blogger is very passionate about blogging and yet still has no idea what he should write about for his next blog post.

Has this ever happened to you?

It has happened to me and I know it has happened to other bloggers as well. Don’t worry about it, this is normal.

If you are a blogger who writes on a regular basis might face challenges at times pertaining to what you should publish for your readers to read.

Writing blog posts can be easy if you have great writing skills, but running out of ideas is pretty natural.

Maybe you are not out of ideas, but instead you have tons of ideas going through your head at once. What should you do in this case?

[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

I hope that 2014 will be a success for all bloggers. But in order to achieve success then you have to work hard towards achieving it.

I will continue to provide great high quality blogging tips sp that you can use and apply them to make your blog successful as well.


  1. Gibes


    I think those are really helpful for not only beginner
    so happy and great informative that you got this post

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    Great informative post
    Such a great list of Strategies. I think those are really helpful for not only beginners but also for bloggers who want to be success this year.
    Thanks for your sharing and looking forward to your next contents.


  3. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hello Kharim,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome posts with your readers…I missed them all when they were published so chances of reading them were real slim.

    I particularly enjoyed “Successful Bloggers: Things I Have Noticed About Them”

    Once again, thanks.


    • Reply

      Hey Akaahan,

      So happy that you got this post so that you could read the top posts of 2013 on this blog.

      Hope that the post you like will benefit you greatly and also the others as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Emmanuel


    Hi Kharim,
    Thanks for sharing with us some of those lovely articles in 2013. I believe 2014 is even going to be bigger and better!

    Happy new year! I hope it is not too late from my end? Hahaha! greets you.

    • Reply

      Hey pal,

      No it’s not too late and same to you as well.

      Yes 2014 is the year which we should reach out and do more as a blogger. Thanks for the comment.

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    Some great posts there!

    I’ve been following you for a while and had missed some of those.

    I particularly like 7 Awesome Blogging Tips For Newbie Bloggers.

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      Hey Mark,

      Yes I have seen you around and noticed your wonderful comments. I thank you very much for reading my articles.

      I have put together a post like this for readers like you who may have missed these articles.

      Thanks again for the comment pal.

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    Thanks For Sharing This Post Kharim,
    Very Useful For Me as Newbie Blogger
    Keep Updating so i get something new to learn
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      You’re welcome, hope my article was well written so that you could be able to understand and apply the tips.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to comment.

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    wow, i was looking fot tips like this in the web, thanks a lot for sharing all of this. it´s gonna be very usefull to me.

  8. Claude


    Well the past year 2013, was indeed a challenging one. Lots obstacles that I need to overcome and good thing that I managed to do so. As for this new year, I am gonna be busy again and I am ready to face more challenges. I like the top 10 posts you have here. They are indeed helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing them!

    • Reply

      Hey Claude,

      There are also things which I need to work on as well for me and my blog. I hope to accomplish lots more things for this blogging year as well.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you as well.

  9. Katie Elizabeth


    Even though 2013 is over, these posts will all continue to help new bloggers and bloggers seeking to improve their sites accomplish their online goals. Can’t wait to see what else Webmaster-Success has to offer in the next year!

    Keep up the great work!


    • Reply

      Hey Katie,

      You are so right about that. I try to write articles that will benefit all, no matter if they have been blogging for years or newbie bloggers.

      These tips will help all who read and apply.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Hiii Kharim,
    Thank to sharing this post, all these posts are very useful for me as a learner.
    I think these all 10 posts make a great recipe for any newbie blogger.
    once again thank for sharing.

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      I am so happy that you found this post useful.

      You are so right, new bloggers can use these posts as a guide to help give their new blog a boost.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with you and your blog.

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