Work While On Vacation

Would you like to work while you are on vacation? No, I don’t think so. Neither would you like to be called off vacation to work.

I have come up with two (2) great ways that you can work while you are on vacation in this blogging world. I know you might be thinking that I am crazy to tell you to work while you are on vacation but this is a great way to also make money while you relax.

But before you go on vacation and enjoy yourself, you may need to do a little extra work. I did this and it worked great for me and saved me a great deal of work in the end.

How To Index Your Articles On Google Search Engine

I love when I write a new article and as soon as I publish it Google index’s it.

Having your articles showing up on Google Search Engine as you publish them is really great. For the past month I have got 15% of my traffic from Google according to my Google Analytics statics.

This resulted in:
181 Visits
7.41 Pages per visit
13 minutes 24 seconds Avg. Time On Site
29.19% Bounce Rate
11.89% New Visits

So it is really important to have your articles indexed by the number 1 site on the web, Google.


Building Up Your Blog Like A Bodybuilder

Are you building up your blog just like how a bodybuilder builds up his body? Are you constantly working out your blog? How strong is your blog?

Body builders can teach us a lesson and how we can apply their workout to our blogs so that we have one of the best blog on the web.

Body builders are determined to build up their body and they are willing to make it happen despite the amount of work they have to put in. As a blogger are you determined to build up your blog and willing to work on your blog to make it happen?


BlogEngage For Thesis Theme

I recently spoke about BlogEngage being a must for all bloggers. But when I was installing the blog engage button I encountered a small problem but this was over come easily with a few codings that I placed in my Thesis Theme.

The problem was this, when I went to the settings of the BlogEngage there is only one option to align where you want to place your button.
These options for alignments are:

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • None
  • After I selected the top left (because that’s where I wanted my button to be displayed) I notice an error in my Thesis teaser section.

    Blog Engage – A Must For All Bloggers

    So it’s official that I started using BlogEngage yesterday and I must admit that I am impressed with it. I have always seen this BlogEngage thing around and I didn’t give it a try until yesterday, can you believe it.

    I thought this BlogEngage was something pertaining to bloggers hooking up and getting marriage but it surely wasn’t. This is a community where you can communicate freely with other bloggers world-wide and build a great friendship.

    In my previous article I wrote about Becoming A Friendly Blogger and BlogEngage is a great way to make friends online who are already bloggers.


    Become A Friendly Blogger

    Are you a friendly blogger? Do you try to make friends with other bloggers? Are you friendly to your blog readers?

    You really need to consider these questions if you operate a blog, or if you are going to start a blog. Being friendly with other bloggers can really make blogging easy for you especially if you have blogger friends in the same niche. You could both talk about the advantages or disadvantages in your niche, the changes taking place in your niche, why you choose this niche and so on.

    How do you become a friendly blogger to other bloggers, to other users on the internet and to readers of your blog?

    WebMaster Success First Month Online

    Today has marked the first month of the WebMaster Success blog being online. It has been a really great first month and I look forward to making it better in the coming months ahead.

    This post is to show you my stats on that I have achieved in the very first month online. I will also briefly give details of what I did to making the first month a success.

    Please enjoy reading my stats…