CASE STUDY: How I Get Results from YouTube by Giving Away Irresistible Offers

It’s clear that video platforms are becoming more and more of a consideration when it comes to internet marketing.  If you are trying to market on the video web, you need to consider the importance of creating quality video that can be easily consumed on YouTube and other video devices Building online traffic to your […]

How I Got PR3 On Google For My Blog With ONLY Comment Backlinks

People still ask me a lot whether comment backlinks work. They want to know whether it is worth it to even bother with this SEO strategy. Well, my short and simple answer is – yes, they definitely work and are worthwhile. See, we all are constantly searching for the “shinny” new backlinking tactic on a […]

Building Backlinks: 5 Solid Backlink Strategy For Beginners

[box type=”spacer”]Get Your Mind on Relationship Building[/box] As a new website owner, you are learning rather quickly that backlinks are important for the survival of your website. A website without backlinks makes your online business a lonely isolated island.  You must get backlinks, this fact is an inevitable truth.  But before that, you must sit […]

Ad Site Links: A Way To Enhance The Outcomes Of PPC Efforts

Any business, which uses organic search to generate traffic and sales, must be familiar with the concept of Site links. These are the links that appear below the search results of a website. The main purpose of these links is to help the user in better navigation of a website. Besides that, the Site links […]

Free Link Building Tips To Build Up Your Blog And Blog Traffic

Incoming links are an essential component of building a successful blog. Links give your blog more authority on Technorati and a higher Google Page Rank. Together, those ratings can make your blog more attractive to advertisers, which allows you to charge higher advertising rates. Additionally, as your blog grows in authority and your number of incoming links grows, your Google search engine rankings will rise, which equates to more traffic to your blog. With more traffic comes more ad impressions, greater potential for pay-per-click ads to actually be clicked on and ultimately, more money for you.

So the question is, should you participate in link building for your blog?

The answer, yes you should.

Your blog will only become more successful if you put out your best effort in link building. The more links you have then the stronger your blog will be.

In this post I will give you tips on 11 free link building tips.