Content Marketing: How To Write Articles That Will Keep Readers Coming To Your Site

For the internet marketer who uses content as his main traffic fuel, you will agree with me that indeed content is king. Content has been a very powerful means of getting traffic to a business website/blog on the internet and as much people that have been able to snatch this opportunity are successfully driving more […]

How To Test Your Market WithYour First Press Release As A Trial

A press release, when properly optimized and distributed for search engine visibility, can be a good source of traffic, depending on how newsworthy your press release is and how popular your industry (or rather, your target keywords) is. By tracking the traffic from your press release distributions, you can accurately measure the success of each […]

Essential Things You Need To Be a Successful Work-At-Home Internet Marketer

The harsh economy is a time where individuals should be looking more towards working at home and internet marketing positions. This position offers a flexible schedule, a desirable income and requires an energized entrepreneurial spirit. Nevertheless, the guarantee for success in this field is not without some costs and investments you need to have in […]

Promotion – Is It Important?

Promotion is another important factor of blogging and is really important for building up your blog. Apart from quality content you need to promote your blog to gain traffic to make your blog a success.

There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog. Through social media, blog commenting, buying advertisement space and the list goes on.

In one Oxford dictionary, the word promote means “to publicize and sell (a product)”. If you want to make money online as a blogger, no doubt, you would have to publicize your blog and get people to buy the products that you recommend to them.

But which is the best way to promote your blog and affiliate links?